July Afternoon.....  

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7/18/2006 10:15 am

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July Afternoon.....

It was a beautiful July afternoon,we both were done doing what needed done,you looked at me and suggested we go for a long drive. We both got into the truck ,with
actual destination in mind started driving,talking about everything,life,kids,people in general.when i wedged myself up on the seat ,where I would beable to be even with your head..I slipped my arms around your neck,and massaged the back of your head,playing with your hair..I lean over and kiss your cheek ever so softly,feeling my warm breath on your skin produced visible gooseflesh,smileing,seeing your enjoying the attention,I kiss you more...Working my way towards your ear,lightly with my tongue,I trace the outer parts of it,whispering to you little things that make you shudder with pleasure...I slowly trace my moist tongue down to your neck,placeing small kisses randomly on your neck, licking where my tongue has touched,
you slide your arm around my waiste,pulling me tightly to your side...I begin to kiss alittle more harder,letting you know the building passion my body has started,
breathing in the faint smell of your cologne and the musky smell only you have,It
is evident in my kisses and the way you're pulling me tighter to your body that there is an urge building...you find an old abandoned farm where there is an out of the way spot,we pull into it,you move the seat back and turn me around to face you...with out any warning you softly cup my face in your hand,while keeping the other around my waiste...pulling me slowly to you we kiss ,softly at first ,then more aggressively,hungrily you kiss my neck,like there will never be a tomorrow,slowly you started un buttoning my jeans,while i unbutton my top,so you can give my breast attention they yearn for,feeling my heart beating wildly in my chest,you pulled one up to wear you could stick it in your mouth,licking it you see it is sending me out of this world,gently you suck on the tiny nipple,making it as hard ,under your tongue,you move on to the other one,i finally get my jeans undone,
I take your hand,slowly push it down my pants,begging you to touch my hard swollen clit,make it explode,telling you i want to cum hard all over your hand....
while we're kissing your fingers are on my clit,rubbing it softly at first, then hearing me moan and softly whisper your name you become more aggressive ,you slide a finger into my pussy,sliding in so easy because of the wetness you have caused,then i beg for another , feeling myself builing up harder i tell you to put another in there,you have me going nuts,movin to meet your fingers,needing that explosive release,you begin to gently bite my nipples knowing that will finish sending me over the edge,
feeling my pussy tighten ,tighter with ever thrust,i moan and say your name,louder no more of a whisper,you feel me tense up as i jump off that cliff of passion and ecstacy,as i lean my head on your shoulder,you slowly slide your hand out,suprised at how much cum is all over your hand,we look at each other,with a big smile on our faces i giggle shyly,blushing at the heat of your glance, We clean your hand up and I connect all the buttons,and we sit there for a long time ,holding each other close,not saying a word, you start the truck and we start our drive all over,not really having a certain place in mind,but knowing we are enjoying the time we are spending talking...
We arrive back at your house,tired from the drive and the sexual activities,we both decide to get cleaned up and go to bed,laying there in the dark,I turn over not even thinking about it i move closer to you,snuggle close into your strong
embrace,knowing that soon we'll be asleep,i softly say "thank you for what you did" "good night and sweet dreams"you kiss the back of my neck and we both fall asleep,not moving from where we fell asleep,.........................................................

rm_indyguy1f8a2 52M

7/18/2006 1:57 pm

What a wonderful story! Is this a personal experience, or a hoped for encounter? I would love to make this happen!

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