Reaper8436247 37M
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5/11/2006 11:29 am

Well here I am sitting sans trouser, nothing kinky it's just so hot at the moment that I need some space to breathe!

The office was a nightmare, our air conditioning has been on the fritz for over nine months (!) and the company refuses to repair it saying that its a luxury item that we can do without.

Luckily this means that we can cook our lunches just by leaving them in our drawers, great if you've got sandwiches but no so great if you've just bought some expensive chocolates (as one girl had.)

It was just as bad getting home, since the traffic was backed up due to the Chester races and so a journey that normally thats about 45 minutes has taken just under two hours.

Oh well, at least I made it and now have a chance to practice my typing skills once more.

See you soon,

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