A Warm Summer Evening  

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3/13/2005 1:50 pm

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A Warm Summer Evening

Stretched out on my back, hands behind my head, I lie in bed enjoying the gentle caress of the evening breeze drifting in from the open windows. Eyes closed and totally relaxed, I savor the fragrance of the flowers just outside and the sounds of the crickets calling for their mates in the darkness. I hear the sound of the shower being turned off, and a few moments later she walks into the bedroom wrapped in a towel. I open my eyes as she approaches and watch with pleasure as she lets the towel drop to the floor. Her eyes sparkle in the flickering candlelight and she smiles seductively as she slowly crawls onto the bed, her ample breasts swaying as she moves. She lightly kisses my chest, my chin, my nose, and then presses her lips against mine as her fingertips ever so lightly slide up the shaft of my stiff cock, causing it to jump against her hand in a spasm of pleasure. She giggles at the reaction and then stretches out on her stomach next to me.

I turn on my side and softly slide my hand down her slightly moist back and across her ass as I begin gently kissing her on the cheek, and then slowly moving my kisses to her ear. Breathing in the light fragrance of her perfume, I trace the outlines of her ear with the tip of my tongue before moving to her neck. She moans softly as slide my tongue up and down her supple neck, stopping now and then to kiss and suck softly. After a few moments I move above her and begin kissing and licking her shoulders, ever so lightly, barely making contact with my lips and tongue. As I continue down her back my tongue leaves little trails of wetness that glisten in the candlelight. I caress the sides of her breasts and then slide my fingertips to her waist, causing her to squirm and giggle for a moment as I cross an especially ticklish area. As I move close above her I slide my cock back and forth against the cheeks of her ass and then down between her thighs, causing her to lift up to press against my hardness.

I’m at the small of her back now and begin to lightly stroke her ass and inner thighs as I continue to kiss and lick. She spreads her legs apart and raises her bottom slightly, allowing me access to her warm, moist pussy. She is freshly shaven and her mound and lips are so soft and smooth. I kneel behind her, between her legs, and begin to kiss her soft, warm ass, sliding my face against the softness of her ass cheeks. I gently spread her cheeks apart and slide my tongue up and down between them as her soft moans become slightly more urgent. Laying on my stomach now I lick, kiss and suck my way up one silky smooth inner thigh and down the other, stopping now and then to lick her upturned pussy and run my tongue up and down, across her clit, between her pussy lips, and up between her ass cheeks.

She is moaning almost continuously now and her pussy is flowing with slippery wetness. I slide first one, then two fingers inside of her and begin to stroke them in and out, massaging her G-spot as I continue to lick her thighs and ass and lightly move my thumb back and forth across her hard clit. She is breathing in gasps now as her excitement grows and I can tell she is nearing orgasm. As I begin to rub my fingers more firmly against her G-spot her moans become broken as she begins to go back and forth between breathing in gasps and grunts and holding her breath. The movement of her hips thrusting up and down becomes more erratic as she begins to lose control and gives herself over to the pleasure she is receiving. Suddenly her breathing stops and she stiffens against the waves of orgasmic pleasure sweeping through her body. Her pussy tightens and throbs around my fingers as she squirms and bounces in silent pleasure - pleasure so intense that she cannot make a sound, cannot moan, cannot breath.

Gradually her orgasm releases its control over her and she begins to relax and breathe again. She lets out a long, quiet moan and lowers her hips back down onto the bed as I continue to slide my fingers in and out of her more slowly and gently now. I softly kiss the cheeks of her ass and withdraw my fingers from her soaking wet pussy, and then move up over her again. I press my body lightly against hers and begin kissing and nuzzling her neck as she continues to relax and her breathing returns to normal. Then she turns her face up towards me, slides her hand behind my head, and pulls my lips to hers to give me a long, deep, loving kiss.

I roll off of her, lie down beside her again while reaching down to stroke her sexy ass. And now...it’s my turn.

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