Life Begins @ 130 mph  

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9/9/2006 9:47 pm

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Life Begins @ 130 mph

Last May I made my first ever major purchase by myself. I went to the motorcycle store and bought a beautiful Suzuki GSXR-600. I came home from the store and waited for my wife (now ex) to get home and told that I bought it. She definitely wasn't the most excited person in the world that's for sure!

It wasn't as though this was some mid-life crisis purchase, or even a impulse buy. I had been wanting a "crotch rocket" for SEVERAL years (at least 10). I had always put that on the back burner out of respect to her. Her brother was killed on a motorcycle (doing something stupid), and she wanted nothing to do with them. Over the years, I had been able to warm her up to the idea a lot more. I had even managed to get her to go to a motorcycle race when we lived in CO. She had a good time and she seen a lot of wrecks at high speeds and seen the people get up without any problems. She became more receptive of the notion, but always managed to find some reason to put off the purchase.

Then I finally brought it home. I was always a bit timid riding the bike because in the back of my mind was that voice who said "don't do anything stupid, you have a family to think about". I started out just riding my bike up and down my street, then around the block and so on. Every night came a new milestone on my bike. I think it took nearly 3 months to even get 100 miles on the bike. 2 months after my marriage ended.

After that, I noticed I was taking more risks while riding my bike. After a swing or mid shift, I would get on the highway and crank up the speed. Usually reaching 100 mph. Then one night on the way to a friend's house, I decided I wanted to test my limits. I came off the on-ramp, and grabbed the throttle and opened it wide open. I kept one eye on the road and another at the digital speed display. I watched it hit 100, 110, 120, and then it hit 131 mph. It was wide open but the engine was bogging down, and I really wasn't sure why, so I slowed it back down to just under 100mph. Later I realized that I had miscounted my shifts and was only in 4th gear at the time.

The entire time I was at 130, I just felt the adrenaline rush. Nothing seemed to bother me, the problems with my ex-wife, gf at the time, or even the daily work hassles. As you pass things along side of the road, they quickly disappear into the night at that speed. You realize that at any given moment, you could also quickly disappear. The slightest bump in the road (an AR doesn't have the smoothest highways), and you could lose control of the bike. I was conscious of the hazards, but I didn't care. THIS is what I had been waiting all those years for. This very moment.

Ironically enough, it was the next day that I wrecked my bike at a relatively low speed. I was barely able to walk for two weeks and in deep pain for over a month.

Since that moment, I started taking more chances in life. Doing things I hadn't ever thought I would do. I don't worry about what others think of as much, and do things that I want to do, when I want to do them. I still take input from those that are closest to me, but I ultimately make the final decision. Before that point, I would always follow the advice of others, regardless of how I felt at the time. An outside opinion or one with nothing to gain or lose had to be the wiser choice was my philosphy.

For some life begins at 40, for me it began at 130mph!

*note* I now have someone special to me that has made me promise NOT to go that fast again, because I have a future I need to worry about!

That's the world according to me Saturday Sept 9th, 2006 11:49pm CDT

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9/10/2006 5:56 pm

    Quoting rm_mzhunyhole:
    Lordy..that's just too fast to even think about..I ain't never been on the back of a motorcycle..maybe someday...nice blog.
You definitely feel it when a bug hits you, even when you wear a helmet.

Thanks for replying!

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