Captain obvious...  

RavenMcCain 32F
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3/3/2005 1:32 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Captain obvious...

Apparently I'm a huge airhead or something, because I can't figure out how to reply to comments. Oops. Sorry. (notice the reply in sense of individual replies lol)

I filed my taxes today. H & R Block sucks, making me give them money. Oh'well that's just the way it goes. Looks like I'll be moving to Vegas by the first of April. I can't wait, I essentially grew up in Vegas since I was 2. I don't know how long I'm going to live there for though. Eventually I'll acquire my passport and I'll be gone to England. That's where I want to end up. Don't ask why, I just do.

There is one thing about this site I'm amused by though. It's people who put pictures up by censor out there eyes like people won't know who they are if they black out there eyes. If people you know come to AdultFriendFinder and they come across your profile, don't you think they'll know it's you? Just a random thought.

xoxox- Raven

smurfplayer69 32M

3/4/2005 4:40 pm

Hey Raven, If you dont want to spend very much doing your taxes....get that TurboTax, it works pretty well.
Where do you live now? I would check myself but since I'm not a silver/gold member it doesn't let me and stuff. Dont ask, it just doesn't. You look very beautiful in your picture.
The thing that I am amused by with this site is that all these 30+ year old guys are all viewing profiles, blogs, posts, etc. of all these 18-23 year old women. Just seems a little creepy to me.
See ya around~~ Jason

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