Setting a Date  

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6/8/2006 5:58 am
Setting a Date

In a few more days we will have been together for five years. I had been seperated for a few years already when I met her, but had made no attempts to file for divorce. Three years ago I initiated paperwork through the state to cover the costs. We thought last year that it was a matter of days before my divorce would be finalized. It was the correspondence of my lawyer that gave us both confidence. Then nothing. It took a letter to the judge stating my dissatification with my lawyer's performance. It was definitely what was needed and it was the writing of the mrs that pushed it through. The lawyer couldn't wait to get rid of my case after that and have finally received my final decree. We have had to postpone two tentative dates for marriage, but know we can think about setting a date again. We are thinking about the first week in October. The divorce has marked the end of the old life so it gives me some major closure. I can now think about our future, and know that my love for her will burn forever...I just know. She helps me to be a better man and have her to thank. She is one of the most beautiful woman I have met. I look forward to setting the date as much as she does.

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