Meeting other couples...  

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6/22/2006 2:58 am

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7/10/2006 6:33 pm

Meeting other couples...

We have been searching for a couple for quite awhile now and can't wait for our first meeting. I believe that we lose a lot of interested people when it comes to reading our sexual preferences of both being bi-curious. Especially when it comes to straight men in the couple. They have this misconception that curious men crave cock and must have it. Curious to means wants to know or wonders. For us if it happens then it happens. We do search for it but we respect boundaries when it comes to meets. We have met with a couple of men, but one was intimated by Mr. Raven being in the same room. We let him back out because it was his chose. He was okay for while but he couldn't finish and actually left the bedroom. We didn't hold any bad thoughts about the man but the Ravens had to finish. It didn't mean that we had to stop, but we did leave the door open if he just wanted to watch or join back in. He decided to stay out completely. Sure we were disappointed but we have each other for sexual gratification. We are here to explore sexuality in it's rawest form and know that the right couple will want to join us. We respect everyone we meet and ask the same of others. Mrs has been bi-curious as well but will not go looking for it, but will participate if the opportunity presents itself. We feel the only way to kill the curiousity is to meet another couple where the female is curious or bisexual. So that is where our search of another couple is at right now. We just need to meet that right couple that will take a chance with us.

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6/22/2006 7:01 am

Couples r all but impossible. When i like him, he doesnt like her, so it just doesn't happen.
Men now thats another story. We have found a few that r a nice fit even thou they r not what we would look for in a life partner they r just what the doc ordered sex plan & simple. When looking for perfict as well as friends u r looking for trouble. Good luck anyway.
btw We have had close to the same expeience as u. the new guy just couldn't get hard imagine that even double teamed he just couldn't do it. Just think he even asked to try again. No Way! Thank god we have a nice cock with us that can finish the job & keep our spirits up.

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