A taste of Mrs. Raven  

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5/12/2006 4:13 am

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A taste of Mrs. Raven

I watch Mrs. Raven get ready for bed as she begins to take off her clothes. She has dark skin which is soft to the touch. She is very responsive to any touch, carress, or kiss. You can tell by reactions what she likes and I go into "repeat, if necessary" mode. Over the years of getting to know her I know what she likes and can use that to please her. She puts on one of my button shirts and will have to say that it never looks that damn good on me. She gets into bed with me and there doesn't need to be any words spoken as I begin to carress her. My hands explore her body as she lays there with closed eyes. One thing that I have learned is that foreplay is very essential to pleasing her or any woman for that matter. I start with my hands carressing and sliding over her whole body. She begins to move as my hands slide over her and as I get more and more intimate the more she responds. Oral stimulation comes into play since we both love that a lot. My hands slide over the shirt and I cup her breasts. The nipples are hard and I suck one of them through the shirt. I start to unbutton the shirt, which looks a lot like mine, and slide my hand in to feel her. I find her nipples to be erect and roll one of them between my fingers. I continue unbuttoning the shirt until it falls to the sides revealing that she only wore the shirt to bed. I waste no more time carressing because her nipples are just begging to be sucked. I lock my lips around her nipple and begin to suck the nipples. She cups her breasts and holds one to be sucked. She throws her head back as my tongue swirls around the nipples and the auralae. She is so turned on by this point that she gets some goose bumps. I contine the oral stimulation when one of her hands slides down her own body. Her hand slides down between her legs as she makes small circular movements on the outside of her pussy. My hand follows as we both explore. Pretty soon it is my hand that is the only one making these circular movements. Her legs begin to open more as I slide my fingers up and down making light tracing marks. I am deliberate in all my moves as my fingers slide up and down the folds of her pussy. When I feel that she is ready I make an insertion of one of my fingers but make it nice and slow. Sliding it in a little at a time as she begins to move with my rhythm. Her hands move down and holds herself open as she is getting more and more turned on. I suck on a couple of my fingers to lube them up when I get a taste of her. She is so hot and wet that I slide right in as her back arches. She holds up her breast so that I can suck on them again. She tells me that she is getting close. She tells me not to stop as her breathing gets deep and recessed. I can tell she is getting close. She is also verbal and will tell me that she is getting close and when she is. It is a site to behold as she starts to explode. The best part about this story is that it is just the beginning of the our lovemaking. I guess I could say that it is a just a taste of what lies ahead.

Hungryman845 62M

5/13/2006 5:02 am

I love your description of your beginning to love making. I too believe in long, sensual stimulation and I am very oral. I also have had a lady have goose bumps run accross her body even though she was hot and wet. I love starting from the bottom of her feet and running my way up especially if she is wearing stockings. The heat of her warm skin as my hands get to the top of her stockings and initially touch her skin will send those goodebumps over her. Sounds like you have some wonderful times. If your ever in need of someone to start from the bottom as you start from the top I'd love to help you both out.

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