The Dragon and the gold(treasure)....  

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8/25/2006 5:19 pm

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The Dragon and the gold(treasure)....

He is a Old Soul, A warrior of ages past and ages to yet come,He has melted blades of foes with His Fire, He is eternal He can be stricken down but He revives each time stronger then the first.

He has charecteristics of being able to be on many diffrent levels or planes or deminsions at once, He can see through the darkness and burn away the enemy with a fire so true so pinpointed that it is unstoppable in force.

He is able to use His long tale to protect thousands, he can stand guard over large areas because when He spreads His long armored wings he can be anywhere instantly tht He is needed. even in thought or word.

He has the ability to see past, present, future, He can tell the winds of change, the winds of battle He has a fine sense of smell, and can tell things in others that meare men try to hide.

He knows Honor, Respect and loyalty to what is His keep, and He knows that there is one thing ABOVE everything or everyone else, that is his MOST cherished item.

She sparkles, she is radient she glows, she shines so bright that everyone desires to obtain her for her outward appearence, for her ways that she can be used like some pretty trophy just waiting to be obtained.

She is wise, she seeks out the dragons friendship, council, love, protection, and she walks upright knowing she is protected by a force this world could not have put together.

She is warmed by His fire, she is warmed by His touch, she is mooved with Passion at all that He is from the warrior, to the freind, to the lover, to the councilor, and healer, to the seer.

she alone is his treasure and she will love him and He will love her eternally and nothing here on this earth will ever set that apart.

NOW I await to find that very GOLD


pipercat2000 57M

8/27/2006 9:12 am

I am starting to like this place where those can let their souls run free. There is no place else on this site for this.

Stay free brother...

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