My Life My BOX My Breakout  

Raveheart2005 51M
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8/31/2006 12:14 pm

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9/12/2006 1:19 pm

My Life My BOX My Breakout

I am going to attempt to day to unleash My mind, and share some understanding of growths I have made this week and the last. IN many areas of My own life. I will NOT be naming names or giving Details. But I feel once again it is time for a look into My world.

First , this will be hard, I HAVE ISSUES , I NEED TO GROW UP, I AM INSECURE, I AM JEALOUS, I AM NOT THE CONSISTENT MAN I NEED TO BE. Now having said that, I have stopped many things I was doing before. I have changed some MAJOR life patterns. and NOW besides becoming a better man outside, I am also becoming a better Man inside.

I think its best I start with something hard and get it out of the way, a admittance of failure. But not really based toward anyone or anything just a failure in My own life. I HAVE BEEN STUCK IN A BOX.

I will explain that box and that may be it for this blog entry the rest I wanted to say May have to be continued another time.

MY BOX, I have realized the following things about Me. NOT everyone speaks the same language I do . LOVE to ME is NOT LOVE to someone else.HONOR AND RESPECT My CODE I live by is not the code of others. My WORD is written in stone while in others its much more flexible and written in water. I DO have the capacity to LOVE MORE THAN ONE but they ARE NOT on the same levels.

I am able to communicate through the hardest of things, I am able to set things in motion for others even if it isn't benefiting Me. I Do have the knowledge to step out of Me and give solid council and advice even to those closest to Me to help them with very critical issues.

As to gifts. I have been blessed to be a tool the last two weeks I have done about 23 Readings, each one with many things confirmed that I saw that I shouldn't as a mortal man been able to see. But with each reading comes responsibility of what I see.

NOT going to give details, but i have this two weeks seen faces clearly, people clearly, events clearly, I have told people of their past, I have nailed details no one but them knew, I have identified criminals that did tremendously bad acts, I have fought spiritual warfare's, I have protected friends and loves with calm and peace, and I have also been a tool in giving LIFE to one who chose to try to take it, I have been a tool mealy non of this was me but I am blessed, I have been able to touch sick people from 100's of miles away, and get reports back at exact times of this of the instant changes. I again know many will read this and GO NO WAY HES LYING but those who were touched THEY KNOW. and I do too.

NOw that was a release it self to MY BOX I crushed it this week and I guess that will be in a new entry the flow of blogs have to love it ....GOD i may end up with my book faster then I thought lol

Have a great blessed weekend


rm_KarmoHunny 56F
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9/3/2006 2:44 am

Sounds like you have come to a lot of realizations. Many of us need to do some soul searching and come to certain realities about our lives. Not all of us can do that. I commend you on being able to do it.


betty68rubble 50F
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9/4/2006 6:07 pm

I can totally agree on several points. Love to some is NOT love to others. Honor and code are not the same to others. Peace be with you my friend. big big hugs


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