Raveheart2005 51M
47 posts
7/27/2006 9:50 pm

Cool air wisps upon my skin
That absorbing warmth so common to me…now gone
You leave me deserted
A candle without its flame

I am aware of your absence from head to toe
Your spirit moves around me
I urn a physical ease
You have removed yourself
Leaving me cold
A vanishing blanket

I hope to forget you for just a moment
Just long enough for these eyes to seal
To slip away into a numbing coma of sleep
Rendering these stinging emotions neutral
I question lashing punishments yet to be inflicted A never ending struggle for recovery

I seep into my vortex of past days
Rectify the same standing faults and vague solutions My heart in an empty swirl of a sickening displacement You’re a noose around my neck It hurts to breathe or swallow
I turn my pillow from the hollow puddles
And fall to the dark parades of an eternal host

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