Train me, please!  

RaunchyChocolate 53M/51F
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4/12/2006 3:56 pm
Train me, please!

He was about 5'11, short dark hair, tanned, muscular with the tightest ass I'd ever seen in my life. When he bent over, his slacks outlined his butt like he went commando that morning. It made every woman in the break room this afternoon, stop, swallow and wondered how to get into his training class...and his pants.
There were 3 tables of women during the 1pm-2pm lunch break. When he walked in, I had to put down my drink to keep from spitting it out over the table. I sat there with two other women and our male mascot, Benny - a young Italian male who is a hottie in his own right- and the daydreaming began. Shia imagined a 4 poster canopy bed full of pillows and soft linens and the new trainer.
Ki-Ki decided to strip him with her eyes while sucking on M&Ms. Me- I imagined the trainer in black leather brandishing a leather paddle, and me at his feet in handcuffs and a nipple clamps.
The girls at the another table flirted. he older ladies at the third just ogled and smiled. He found it neccessary to come speak to us..well, mostly because the training started at 2pm and it was nearly time to clear out. He was arrogant, a man who got what he wanted. I would've happily joined that training session, if it had involved some a bit more naughty than import law and fee exchanges. Oh well, maybe next time.
I wonder if he knew the impression he left on that room when he walked to the lobby to greet his 'students'? I know of at east 9 men this evening who are going to get lucky tonight. They'll have the trainer at their wife's job to thank for it!

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