Getting What I Want!  

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5/28/2006 8:40 pm

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5/28/2006 8:49 pm

Getting What I Want!

Caption: "You had me at halo"

"Hehehe" I am feeling decidedly sly and cocky today... reveling in my ability to get what I want.

Some would call it manipulating, but no I am definitely not a manipulator, I am not sinister and don't do it to anyone detriment. I just have a talent for understanding how individual people operate, and how to push their buttons (in a good way) and this mixed with my apparent "cuteness and innocence" gets me what I want.

Have you ever said "I'm really too tired to cam tonight sorry, but maybe next time" to someone, then fast forward five minutes later you've got a massive boner and are scrambling to turn on the light to offer a better view of your cam? I might not have even asked to see your cam again after you said you were tired, but subtly steered the conversation in a way that makes you wanna play with your cock... If this sounds familiar, you were probably talking to me!

And I'm not talking about just using my womanly wiles to get what I want either... the number of times my mother has said "I'm not going ot buy that for you" and then when we've got to the checkout she's whipped out her credit card, giving me a smirk that says *darn you got me again*. hehehe I don't do it intentionally... not all the time anyway

No wonder my friends call me princess! I can change peoples minds without them even realising it. I should be in politics. I'm also good at being ambiguous too!

Do you too have a way of getting what you want? Or are you the person that ends up saying, "Yes you can borrow my favourite shirt, I wasn't planning on wearing it anyway."
*liar, u so were!*

You might be wondering what propelled this spurt of rantings, well I just managed to get an extension for a uni assignment, playing on my tutors weakness... for humour! cha-ching! *insert sly smirk here*


6/22/2006 4:02 am

Good on you mandy. Your intuative and yet sensitive, and you know what you want, but your polite and caring. Use your powers for niceness and not evil. What are you studying at Uni. Lots of love, WarmDrive

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