C&C History tour part2  

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11/15/2005 5:19 pm

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C&C History tour part2

We left off with the railroad being completed to Hawley, The C&C was built narrow gauge for a few reasons.1. Darius Ogden Mills was not about to spend the money on a full size standard gauge railroad across 600 miles of unproven territory. It was William Sharon who convionced Mills to build the railroad 3' gauge as the rail is lighter, the cars in the train would all be full from the traffic from all the mines along the way, the cuts, fills would not be as wide so the cost to construct would be cheaper.Mr. Sharon forgot to mention that everything would have to be transfered by hand from the narrow gauge C&C to the standard gauge V&T.
the C&C railroad was 300 miles long, built with 35 lb per yard rail rolled in Sheffield, England.
it was brought by ship around the horn,finally landing in SanFransisco where it was transfered from the ships to the Central Pacific Railroad.
From there the rail made its way over Donner pass to Reno,Nevada where it was again transfered to the V&T then to Mound house where it was transfered to the C&C. 20 cars loaded with rails & ties would leave MoundHouse for the "Front" dayly. at the front, Crews of Irish,Cornish men who had worked in the Comstock mines & were used to $4.00 a day were paid $1.75 a day less .75 cents for food & board to lay track.
There were also Chineese Who worked ahead of the track crew doing the gradeing .They were paid $1.00 a day less the .75 cents food & board.The whole construction crew numbered between 400-600 men.These Men did not sit behind a desk all day- They didn't have a lot of the labor saving devices like we have now. each tie was hand hewn, & laid by hand, then 4 men would pick up a 30 foot length of rail wieghing 350 pounds off of a flat car & carry it up to 400 feet, & set it down on the ties.Next a man or 2 would come & bolt the sections of rail together useing hand wrenches, a young man of say 12 would come along & lay out the spikes -4 to a tie Then another man would set the spikes then the Spike crew would come along & drive the spikes home ,making sure the track was in gauge, having personally driven spikes the way they did I can tell you that swinging a 10 pound
spike maul is hard work a strong man can drive a spike into a oak tie in 4-5 blows with the hammer.track was laid at the rate of 3/4 to 1 mile of track a day ( Now I'm going to stop a second to allow what I just wrote to sink into the men & to let the ladies stick thier tounges back in thier mouths & wipe the drool from thier chins.)yes ladies These men were built & it wasn't from spending a hour at the gym but working from sun up to sun down,day after day in the hot sun with no shirt on- You like that picture don't you? Now the bad news ladies. Guess what wasn't invented yet? & Your in the middle of a DESERT where there is little wAter except for drinking, & watering the Horses, Mules & Oxen. thats right -
A Bath was taken MAYBE once a week & No Deoderant.
Now ladies- What is a man who is far away from home,been working all day for six days a week going to want to do when he gets paid? Obviously-
go to the nearest town, Drink, Gamble,& get LAID!
( & You thought there wouldn't be any sex in this )

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11/15/2005 5:53 pm

I assuming when they went to town they got to take a bath? lol
Nice blog



RailBaron2 55M

11/15/2005 7:07 pm

Hi Magnet,I'll answer your question with a question- How do you keep a beautifull woman in suspence? I'll tell you tomorrow.

silkysmoothlegs3 106F

11/15/2005 9:01 pm

You tease

keepin us in suspence

slaps your ass HARD


tillerbabe 57F

11/15/2005 11:15 pm

I'm actually "learning" something!

RailBaron2 55M

11/16/2005 6:48 am

Welcome Silky,Mzhunyhole,& Tillerbabe- You ladies think I'm a tease?
Who? sweet, lovable, guilty---ERRR-- I mean, INNOCENT MMEEEE???
Whats the matter ladies? You all can dish it out but you can't take it???? Are you all sure you want me to continue tonight??
Please know Your allways welcome here, Thank you for stopping by., Jim

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11/19/2005 12:00 am

Ah Jim you lovable rascal, your loving every minute of this attention arent you hehehehehehe.
Only 35 pound rail, amazing when you consider that todays mainlines are using 115 pound rail. Thats 115 pounds per foot of rail folks.

RailBaron2 55M

11/19/2005 7:20 am

Mustang- Our rail wieght is measured in pounds per yard so a 3' long section wieghs 35 lbs. a modern main line here uses 130 lb per yard rail. The axle load is what determines the wieght of rail needed.

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