Blogville Christmas Carrol -ACT 7  

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Blogville Christmas Carrol -ACT 7

Scrooge opened His eyes & found himself kneeling by his bed clutching the bed curtains.
He got up,& looked at himself,felt himself,checked his pulse.
I'M ALIVE!, I'M ALIVE! - I'M Here in my room,
LORD-You have heard & answered me & answered the prayers of Tiny Tim. THANK YOU LORD!!!!!!!
I Don't know what to do? He he he he he he he
I'm as light as a feather- as HAPPY as as An ANGEL!
I don't even know what day it is. Scrooge went to the Window & opened it- A light snow had fallen
blanketing everything in white. The clouds were beginning to disperse & a few shafts of light streamed down.Scrooge knew from his travels with the Angels exactly where those beams were pointing as if again to answer Scrooges question.
at that Moment Scrooge saw a Young man walking by
His Front fence & Called to Him- YOUNG MAN-
The young man stopped - YES SIR? The man called back- Scrooge called Down- WHAT DAY IS IT?
The young man called back- WHY, ITS CHRISTMAS DAY
SIR- A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU! -Scrooge Called back- & A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU AS WELL MY FINE FELLOW- DO YOU BY CHANCE KNOW IF THE POULTER DOWN THE STREET HAS SOLD THAT BIG PRIZE TURKEY?& motioned for the young man to come into the yard closer so they didn't both have to yell. The young man tought a second - If Your Talking About the Huge 20 pounder its still there Sir-Scrooge called back- Can you run down & tell the poulter I want that turkey with all the Finest fixings He has, Here- & Scrooge threw down a small bag- There should be enough to cover the cost of it all- If you can get Him to bring it here in the Next 15 minuetes I will give you a Bag
just like that one-The young man Smiled I will SIR! & Ran out The gate & down the street. Scrooge Got dressed Quickly- I'll send it to Cratchit- & HE won't have a Clue who sent it! HA HAas He reached for His Hat on the table- he saw the stack of Belles letters to him & the gold engagement ring- NO IT WASN'T A DREAM- PRAISE GOD! Scrooge Picked up the ring & put it in His pocket & went out to meet the young man & the poulter. Scrooge - True to his word gave the young man a bag of cions & wished Him a Very Merry Christmas as the Young man left- The Poulter pulled up somewhat in shock- You want this Turkey & all the fixing delivered to Your Nephew Bob Cratchits house Mr. Scrooge? he Poulter asked
YES! My good man, & mind you- Cratchit is NOT to know where it came from- Here is the address A MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU. The poulter just about fell off of his wagon seat A -A Merry Christmas to you to Mr.Sctrooge! & Off the poulter went.
Scrooge walked Briskly toward His office with a huge smile on his face wishing people a very Merry Christmas as he went.He got to his office & quickly wrote up some papers, ,made a sign ,Picked up some cash from His Safe & was on His way again. The sign Scrooge Hung on the door read- CLOSED UNTIL JAN 2nd- MERRY CHRISTMAS- E. SCROOGE. As Scrooge rounded the Corner he Bumped into a woman accidently knocking her bag she was carrying to the Ground. He immediatly Apollogized & started picking things up - He hadn't eaven seen the womans face - "My deepest appologies Madam, I should have been looking where I was going". The woman replied- I -I -I don't BELIVE IT! --- Ebeneezer Scrooge You have run into me several times over the years & in the past you just kept on going not even realizing you had run into me.& TODAY you actually stop, appologize & are helping pick things up.What in the name of God has happened!!! Scrooge stopped & looked at this woman in the eyes for the first time in years. BELLE? BELLE???? Scrooge fell to his knee & took her hand- Belle- Can You possibly FORGIVE me a Stubron, Greedy Man that has not had the ears to hear or the eyes to see untill last night?
Belle pulled Scrooge to his feet & with tears in her Eyes said YES EBENEEZER I Have forgiven you When you broke my heart, & every time you ran into me in the past & I forgive you now,because I love you- I allways loved you & I allways will love you & she took Ebeneezer into her arms & kissed Him Full on the lips.
Scrooge then called a cab, & took Belle Back to the orphanage. as they rode Ebeneezer told Belle of the things that had happened the night before. The whole story- Belle was is shock & so happy that the Ebeneezer she once knew & loved was back to stay & even more shocked when they stopped & Ebeneezer Scrooge got out of the cab, Helped Belle out , & paid the driver & told him to go back into town & get as many cabs as would be needed to get all the children & every thing in the orphanage & move them to more suitable quarters. Scrooge seeing the orphanage in the light of day- Said to Belle- This place is not fit for man nor beast, They entered & Belle introduced Scrooge to the Children & the Children to Scrooge, Ebeneezer told the children to please get thier things as They were going to go to a better place before the sun set this day. Then Scrooge again dropped to one knee & said "Belle- I Want you to Marry me, & Be my wife, I want to make up for all those years, I know you consider these children to be as your own & I want you & these children to live with me.If You say NO, I will understand But I lost you once & I do not wish to loose you again.Will you Marry me?
Belle was egged on by the Children- Belle again brought ebeneezer to his feet & took Him in her arms-YES ! YES YES ! I WILL MARRY YOU!!! & Scrooge took the ring from His pocket & placed it on Belles finger. The cabs came along with several wagons & towns people & they loaded everything up & moved lock stock & barrell to Scrooges house Scrooge then took Bell to the Church & they were married before Noon. Scrooge took Belle Back to the house & explained He Had one more thing he had to do . Belle Giggled as Ebeneezer told her of His plan for His Nephew & family & she thought it was wonderfull- Scrooge got a cab & went to Cratchits house.& had the Cab wait. Scrooge went up to the door & put on His sternest face & rapped on the door with the head of his cane. Bob Cratchit opened the door & was shocked to see His Uncle standing before Him.
THEREFORE, TOMMORROW MORNING YOU ARE NOT TO COME TO THE OFFICE- ,Scrooge said as He entered. & You MRS. Cratchit need to start getting ready to move your Household as your Husband will NO longer be MY EMPLOYEE but MY PARTNER-& You Bob Cratchit are to take From Now until Jan 2nd off & I expect you to get Tiny Tim to the Best Doctor in this City tomorrow Morning ! A MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU BOB CRATCHIT! A MERRIER CHRISTMAS THAN I HAVE GIVEN YOU IN MANY A YEAR! HA HA HA HA HA! Bob Cratchit couldn't belive his ears were hearing this, U Uncle are you allright???? Are YOU SERIOUS???
Quite serious My dear Nephew, & Scrooge told them of all that had Happened- & asked where IS Tiny Tim? Bob Cratchit had a story to tell Him self as
Last night the family had prayed for Tim- "Well This morning" Bob went on Tim had feeling in His leg- something that he has not had for years & God has healed Tim & just then Tim came running in & jumped into His fathers arms. THAT MAKES MY CHRISTMAS DAY COMPLETE Said Scrooge & the Curtain Falls. Ladies & Gentlemen,This Concludes
A BLOGLAND CHRISTMAS CAROL. To those of you who read this now & in the future This is my gift to You.This story - what you do with it is now up to you.WHY tell this story here? Those who are well do not need a physysian, but those who are sick- Jesus did not come to save the rightous but to bring the sinner to repentance- Jesus went to the Outcasts- The Tax collectors,the Prostitutes, the Poor,GOD SO LOVED ( INSERT YOUR NAME HERE) THAT HE GAVE HIS ONLY BEGOTTON SON THAT WHOSOEVER SHOULD BELIVE IN HIM SHOULD NOT PERISH BUT HAVE EVERLASTING LIFE. Will You be perfect? No not here , but if you give God the chance He will begin a work in you. The Choice to accept or Reject GODS GIFT TO YOU is now in your hands.

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Thanks, Jim....we should all pay attention!


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Your Welcome Mag- MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

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Nice Jim

S'io credesse che mia risposta fosse
A persona che mai tornasse al mondo,
Questa fiamma staria senza piu scosse.
Ma perciocche giammai di questo fondo
Non torno vivo alcun, s'i'odo il vero,
Senza tema d'infamia ti rispondo

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