Blogville Christmas Carrol -ACT 6  

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Blogville Christmas Carrol -ACT 6

Scrooge Still in complete darkness,slowly turned & was confronted By a pair of glowing eyesThe surroundings got lighter A hooded figure stepped closer Scrooge could not see a face under the hood only the 2 glowing eyes These eyes reached deep into Scrooges heart- they shone a light on all his lies & tore his life apart Scrooge knew there was more behind that gaze than simple blood & clay Scrooge fell to his knees & spoke-Angel Are You here to show me The Future? The Angel only nodded. "Angel- of the visitors I have had this night I fear & Dread you most of all,I know your purpose is to do me good- & as I hope to live to be a better man than I have been I am prepared to learn that which you have been sent to teach me." The Angel was silent & only raised its right arm & pointed in the direction they were to go. Scrooge got to his feet & asked- Angel, will you not speak to me?
The Angel only made a sweeping jester & again pointed.
Scrooge Said- Very well Angel, Lead on, the night is waneing fast & time is presious to me , Lead On. They came out of the Darkness & they were on the street in front of Scrooges Bussiness.
there were men talking The angel pointed at the men & Scrooge knew to watch & listen . He stepped closer to hear what the first man was saying-
" I don't know Much about it either way, I only know He's dead" The man next to him said- " when did He die? " the First man responded- "Last Night I belive"The 3rd man spoke- " its likely to be a very cheap funeral, I don't know of anyone that will go to it. What has He done with all his money?"-The first man said- " he didn't leave it to me is all I know" & they laughed. & left. Scrooge looked back at the Angel who motioned for Him to come & scrooge did so. They saw a used goods store & Scrooge watched as 2 women & a man entered carrying sacks Scrooge was directed to the window Where he saw the proprietor of the bussiness Take a look at the items - Fine Silverware, cuff links,a walking stick identical to Scrooges own,These people were like vultures who had litterally picked the deseased owners Carcase bare of anything of value. Scrooge turned to the Angel- Are these 2 sceans you have shown me connected? the angel nodded yes. scrooge then said- Angel- Please show me no more of this Grizzly sceane, I know what you are trying to show me- Greedy men will come to this end- But Angel, Please-Did anyone love this man? The Angel Held out his robe & Scrooge knew to take a hold
They stopped inside a cematary & The Angel pointed to a small group of people on the hill surrounding a grave. Scrooge approached with the Angel - It was the Cratchit Family & another woman Dressed in Black This lone woman had a heavy viel & Scrooge could not see her face, She looked familiar But who was She? Scrooge looked at the Angel Still not understanding The angel pointed back to the group gathered there Scrooge turned & listened. Tiny Tim looked up at his Father & asked- Did God Answer my Prayer Daddy- Did He go to Heaven? His Father looked down & said I do not know Tim,Only God knows, we can only belive that God Heard Your Prayer & that He did have a change of Heart.If He Only knew What had been done on His Behalf When God sent His Only Son to die in His Place, To Nail the Sins of all mankind on the Cross, That the Blood Jesus shed Paid the Ultimate Price for the sins of man & that by simply accepting Gods Love & His Free Gift, His sins could have been forgiven, Allways remember Tim- ALL of us Have sinned & falled short of Gods Standard- It is Only Through the Finished work Of Jesus Being with out sin ,Jesus Paying the Penalty for our sins, & our acceptance of Gods Gift of Love to us by Faith That we enter in to the Kingdom of Heaven. It is not by works of rightousness that WE have done, but Gods LOVE & MERCY that saves us. & with that Bob Cratchit led His Family away leaving the one lone woman, She was Crying & that Crying Scrooge Had Heard before-Scrooge turned to the Angel- Angel- WHO is buried there? Who is this woman that weeps at this lonely grave. I Beg of you , tell me- Do I KNOW This person? Tell me Angel- Can I escape this persons fate??? The Angel pointed to the Grave - The Woman took a solitary rose & Kissed it through her vail & said "I will Allways love you She said the name but Scrooge couldn't understand her as much as this woman was crying. She put the rose on the Grave & left.As she left, Scrooge Quickly went to the grave & looked at the stone -EBENEEZER
SCROOGE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am the man they were talking about by my bussinees , It was MY things being sold wasn't it - Angel it is me buried here & Scrooge looked up & around & HE WAS ALONE- Scrooge Cryed at the top of his voice- ANGEL_ WHY SHOW ME THIS IF I AM PAST ALL HOPE!!!
Scrooge fell to his knees & Put his head to the ground, Grasping the rose left by a Woman who loved Him Who Scrooge knew now was Belle, In a single instant all of Scrooges Questions HAD INDEED BEEN ANSWERED- just as the Angel had said they would be.Scrooges Mind Raced as He remembered all He had been taught as a Child-
Scrooge realized He could not save Himself,& Scrooge looked toward Heaven with tears in His Eyes- GOD- I know you have called my name before,You have stood there knocking on my hearts front door.
If it is NOT TOO LATE- I will no longer Keep you waiting there. I do not know what it is about me that you would want to Love me or save me,Please be mercifull to me for I know I am a sinnfull man,It was You who gave me the power to get the wealth I have, It was You who would have given me Belle to Love Honor & Cherish all these years. Forgive me & show me all you have done & provided for me. My heart has been hard for so many years, I have let my pain, my fear, my money come between me & the only real love- Your Love.
I will not make promises to you that you know I cannot keep, I place my self in Your hands - Do with me what you will.
Suddenly the air was filled with a strange & sweet purfume-Light now came from everywhere driving away the gloom-Jesus stood before Scrooge with His arms held open wide- all that Scrooge could do was cling to Him & Cry.Jesus raised Scrooge to his feet & as Scrooge looked into Jesus eyes- LOVE was shining out from them like Sunlight from the skyes. Scrooges Guilt & his confusion dissapered in sweet release. Every fear Scrooge ever had now Melted into peace.
End act 6

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Jim I just dropped another comment in the New Profile pic post, and I will have to come back and read all these recent posts later. Chin up and keep blogging Train Buddy.

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I am enjoying this


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