Cars...yes, you knew it had to come soon.  

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2/6/2006 1:33 pm

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Cars...yes, you knew it had to come soon.

I used to be into cars, in a big way. You know the kind of stuff, rebuilds, repairs, maintenance the full nine yards. Now though, mainly through living in Norway, cars have become a bit of an A to B kind of thing.

Boring...I suppose it is.

Recently though I have seen quite a few neck breaking vehicles from the good ole US of A. Steve Moal from CA makes some gourgeous cars, Tim Allens "Licorice" is a good example.

A few of my friends have really great cars too. One has a BMW 3 series Alpina, one a BMW 6 series beast, I even know a guy who has a Königsegg.

But, what do I buy for myself?

Funds are not unlimited and cars in Norway cost approximiately twice that of most other countries.

I must admit I am tempted by the new Honda Civic 1.8 Executive, basically the Sport, but with leather, Bluetooth Mobile Phone connect, Xenon lights, sunroof and SatNav. Here in Norway it costs $ 50000 USD or around £ 26000.

Any ideas? It's not too impress anyone, just a fairly cool car that is comfortable and goes when you want it to.

Allora, ciao!

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