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6/21/2006 11:52 am

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I have to be honest. Sometimes I hate having a sex drive. It really sucks. I honestly think that I am horny 24/7. It never goes away. I get fucked and then want to get fucked again. I mean, honestly... blessing or curse? I guess it depends on what guy I'm with... it seems as though with most guys its a curse. I have never found someone who could wear me out. Not that they didn't make me cum over and over... but not wear me out. I wanna know what its like to have somehting so intense that I don't want to have sex for the next day or so. Haha. God DAMN that would be nice. But anyway...

Here are the ideal things that I love in the bedroom...

*Dirty talk.. but only sometimes, this is a very tricky thing with me, because I have to be in the mood for it.. but if I am, oh man its hot.
*4play.. THIS IS A MUST WITH ME! I understand how badly you want to fuck me, and believe me, I want to fuck too... but 4play gets me so fucking hot, I love to be fingered and I love when you eat me out. And don't worry, I also love to give head, so you will get yours too!
*teasing. I actually really like a guy who has the self control to tease first. Kiss and pull away, touch close, but not actually there... I like to play a little first. It just makes the whole experience more intense.
*Positions. I generally will get bored in only one position. I like to move around. And like my profile says, I will try anything, so be creative, tell me what you want to try, and we'll do it.
*Confidence. LOVE confidence. Not fake confidence... I'm talking real, you know what you're doing, you know you can make me scream your name confidence. Its a huge turn on for me. I like to think that I am a pretty expressive person. Don't ask me if it feels good, you will know if it does. I don't fake, so if I'm moaning and gripping your shoulders and back, that's a good sign...
*And last, but not least... dominance. Please take control of me. I don't mean in that wham bam thank you ma'am way... just be in control. You make the moves, you tell me what you want.

ANYWAY, that's all I got time for now. Hope you all enjoy the reading.

Araxdebold 61M

7/3/2006 1:41 am

It's a curse lol been there my whole life.. can have sex then have to masterbate then want sex then masterbate... it's 24/7 all the time even when sick.. or just to damn tired to do anything else.. sated is something you will probably never get to but it is fun trying he he..

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