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9/15/2005 4:09 am

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The 1st installment.....how to start
In a galaxy far, far away....already been used.
Once upon a.....nah
Call me Ishmael. Good start but copywritten.
They're out there. Appropriate but Kesey would like me using that. (if you know about that one drop me a line)

5 years ago I was stoned on pain meds and met the girl of my dreams. (that'l work)

I was living in a little efficiency apt in Sprinfield Mo, doin my thing at school, the gym and the bank. Doin it alone. I lucked out and got a gig as security at a local bar, Midnight Rodeo and got even luckier when I hooked up w/an red headed aerobics instructor. I hadn't even been prayin'! Well I had hurt myself at the gym, w/the help of my spotter, who allowed me to go TMF (total muscle failure)w/425 lbs on the bench. And didn't catch I couldn't get the 3rd rep up. Seperated shoulder and torn cuff. Hence the pain meds. I wasn't aware pain meds made you hungry, they do, I was, fridge was empty. 3/4 out of it (way beyond 1/2 out of it) I got in my Jimmy, planning on a MickyD's food run, and promplty backed into a purple Mercury Tracer. Out of my apt bld ran a georgeous brunette w/a brown sun dress on.
See the georgeous brunette in the blue dress over there.
I had hit her car. Blah, Blah, she wants to test drive it (please note that it was barely scratched, but I was out of it), so we do. All day we are together. Her name is Tammy, she lives in the efficicency across the hall from my door. Incredibly I had never saw her before. Later that night....I have to got to work at the bar where I am going to also meet my red headed aerobics instructor. I quit the job and blew off the 'date' in order to stay w/Tammy.

That was 5 years and 19 days ago. I asked her to marry me yesterday.

We didnt turn the 'accident' into the insurance. She still doesn't know if it was really an accident or not. I like it that way.

beewulf9 39M

9/15/2005 9:02 am

That is a very romantic story of your meeting with someone you feel for. You seem to be commited and happy, and I hope that you continue to enjoy that.

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