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4/15/2005 2:04 pm

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First sexual post, and its on everyone's favorite topic, head.
Aka: oral sex, blowjobs, slobbin the knob, brain, knowledge, praying to god, and by other cultural and regional names. (if u have any, tell me)

Many women ask me whats so great getting head, and while that can never be explained to someone of the opposite sex, just know it feels GREAT..............if done right.

Now I used to think there was no such thing as bad head, but man, i was beyond wrong. First of all, why is it that there are still women out there that dont give head? Wtf is that? Anyway, if you do give head, please do the world a favor and do it right, I will be happy to let you practice but eventually you gotta learn something.

Im gonna go from worse to best, bear with me on this, as I have extensive knowledge.

First there are those women that, for some odd reason, have no saliva, and it feels like they are rubbing your dick with a paper bag, STOP IT, spit is your friend in this area. Then there are women who just stay on the head and baically just hold thier mouths open and move slightly up and down, once again STOP IT, just dont do it if your gonna be that bad. Next we have the talkers, women that try to talk to you the whole time they're supposed to be giving you head, boooooooooo, if your talking your mouth is not full, which is the point of a blowjob. dont get me wrong talking to me can be fun, but not if it is the only thing ur doing.

Im not even gonna touch the women who give just enough head, the one's that have to ask "is that enough" or "ok?".

Next we have the O.K. ones, where it does feel good but they have alot to learn. You can work with these women and it can be very fun to see them progress. Women who are in the O.K. category can usually take about half of the dick and keep a steady motion throughout. Then we have the semi-pros, women who give very good blowjobs and enjoy the fact that you enjoy it. they dont "love" giving them but are ok with it and like to see you happy. These women are generally good at the twist head motion and using their hands to enhance the experience, this kind of woman turned me on to head, but are not too easy to find.

Finally, we have the pros, women who make me love head more than sex itself, women who themselves love giving head. These women make the world go round, they can make any bad day at work or school feel like your birthday, any disappointment feel like a blessing, any frown turn upside down, these are the women who make men cry. leave us in the corner of the bed shaking, looking at out dicks like we have been lied to all our lives, like our dicks have been holding out on us, and suddenly we get madd at every other woman for engaging in that lie that head can only feel good up to a certain level. this women surpass that level, leaving our minds to picture them whenver we hear the words "great head".

These women have total mastery of saliva, hand(s), head, neck, lips and tounge, making you feel every movement they make whether it be slow or fast, hard or soft, suction or release. It is these women whom I aspire to meet, making my sex life worthing living. they make the chase worthwhile, completing the ever illusive fantasy of being totally fulfilled by your catch, wondering, while ur in the corner of the bed shaking, if you have reached heaven.

CinCpl4youngstud 45M/107F
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4/15/2005 2:38 pm

You've definitely captured it! I'm glad to say, I have a "pro" head sucker! She's the only one I've ever gotten one from that's memorable ... and I get them from her as often as possible!

LustGoddess2469 51F  
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4/15/2005 3:10 pm

Hmmm....I think I'm somewhere between a semi-pro and pro, but closer to the pro I think because I do truly enjoy it. Nothing like watching a man's face as he moans and groans and gasps and says things like "Holy shit" and "Oh my God" and "Ohhhhh, that feels so fucking good".

Thanks for breaking it down into categories. Makes it easier for us ladies to know where we are ranked on the Head Scale. lol


RL3500 36M
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4/15/2005 4:26 pm

thanks for the comments, i appreciate them........and Lustgoddess, i will gladly help to rate you.

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