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4/16/2005 3:11 pm

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though last year, my senoir year in college, was alot of fun, it ended in disaster and nothing has gone right since. no good jobs, no great girls, well some fun ones but they ended b/c i moved, and no new experiences. I have lived in Charlotte for damn near 3 months and am still waiting for the fun to start. i mean im not really out there b/c i have no money right now, but i have three housemates and they all go to, they havent brought home a group of girls yet to hang out with. One comes in almost every night with a new chick, but does he bring one to hang out with me, n0o0o00oo0o00o0oo.

Tired of this, and what makes it worse is that I dont have a car, so the girls that I did meet i can only talk to b/c i have no transportation and GOD FORBID a southern town has modern a public transit system. Well, i guess its unfair to judge b/c Im from NYC, never really needed a car. Anyway, does anyone know where I can go to have some fun, or does anyone wanna have fun with me?

Young, good looking Black male with no car, lol, looking for a great time. Can watch movies, eat (i can cook), drink, whatever, need some company.....getting bored out of my mind.

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