Urbanized Part Deux  

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9/6/2006 6:21 am

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Urbanized Part Deux

Last fall I was extremely excited (as you can see in my past posts) about going to my first Keith Urban concert. At the time I had just discovered this amazing talent and since then he has become one of my absolute favorite singers.

The concert my husband and I went to last year was absolutely phenomenal!! We were only several rows from the stage and I could practically reach out and touch him...that's how close we were.

So anyway, the whole point of this post. Last week I was at the busstop waiting for my daughter to get off the bus and an announcement comes on the radio about a Keith Urban concert. Of course my ears instantly perk up and I discover he is coming to Mohegan Sun. For any of you that have ever been in the Mohegan Sun arena you know it is a smaller venue as far as concert venues go so I am certain that there is no way I will be able to get tickets.

I get home from the busstop and immediately check Mohegan's website and discover that tickets aren't even on sale yet so there may be a chance. As luck would have it when tickets went on sale last Friday the sold out almost immediately.

Being the person I am however I didn't give up. I went on a search for some good tickets to see the concert. Now I knew there would be know way I would get as good seats as I did last year but I did manage to get some incredible seats in the first row of the lower balcony right next to the stage!!! Mohegan Sun is such that the balcony seats that are near the stage are much better than floor seats in the back which was the closest floor seats I would have been able to get so I am very pleased with the seats I was able to get.

So who's going with me this year? My soon to be 9 year old daughter begged emphatically (I guess she has heard enough Keith Urban music to start liking him) so I am bringing her with me this time.....it will be her first concert so she is extremely excited about it. And of course we all know how excited I am since I absolutely love him!!!

I'll let you all know how the concert was (isn't until October 20th so there won't be any Keith Urban updates till then hehehe)

Have a great day!!

PS....The picture with this post was one I took last year from the concert!!

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