leaving work  

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4/15/2006 8:09 am
leaving work

I'm here at work and damn has it been pointless. I had maybe 4 phonecalls. I've been bored all day. I spoke to a couple today but no luck they're looking for another couple. I hate that about couples. I think it's the male that get's all pissy becuase he doesn't have a new pussy to fuck he has his wife's or girlfriends. I'm sure you get what I'm saying. The wife/gf gets a new dick or extra dick and he gets stuck with the normal pussy that he's used to and not anything new. Me persoanlly shit I wouldn't share my woman. Maybe with another woman but defineitly not with another man. I'm like that so I can't really bitch about the male not wanting to share without getting something in return. Anyway I'm headed home now prolly to go grocery shopping and to get some things out of layaway. Nothing glamorous but oh well that's my life. I'll post again on monday for anyone who's acctually reading this. Not too sure if anyone is but I'll fill you in on anything that happens.

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