Weekend at work  

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7/8/2006 6:52 am

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Weekend at work

Well I might get something started soon. Shit I hope so. I really dont want to be here today but I opened my big mouth so I'm stuck here for the next 3 hours and 20 minutes. Next time I'll keep my big mouth shut. I was looking at the link that tells you who's been looking at your profile. There are some standard members on there. How is this possible? Shit everytime I want to look at a profile it goes to the orderform. I know that there are members who can be contacted by standard members, but I don't think that standard members can do this even with points they have accuired. If anyone knows let me know.

frustratedmom 57F
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7/11/2006 10:43 am

Sorry RGVGUY....no idea ! Actually I had added it to mine, but then wanted it removed, but AdultFriendFinder decided they couldn't do that.or some other BS.

cherrylover21 34F

3/7/2007 9:24 am

i wonder the same thing! i got a paid account so i could view pictures but i could generally always view profiles even w/ a standard account. i never had any point either...hmm? let's hook up?? i'll be over in your area for spring break this weekend...intereted?


3/8/2007 6:45 am

well it would be tough cause im involved but never get any at home. My girl is gonna be at home all week long. We'll see what happens. You got myspace?

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