Ok little aggravated now  

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7/13/2006 12:39 pm

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Ok little aggravated now

I have sent out an AdultFriendFinder email twice and haven't gotten any responces. I just sent out another one and we'll see what happens. Hopefully they don't chicken out. Am I wrong to waste my points in sending out these email? That is 600 points down the tube if this girl doesn't respond. She has viewed my profile more then once so I'm anxious to see what's gonn happen. I know there are alot of males in my area that have paid accounts so I'm sure she has to go through tons of emails. Nothing else to talk about right now.

phoenix639 50F

7/13/2006 1:29 pm

A great way to get yourself noticed for you & your personality is to venture onto the blogs of people local to you.

Do a search of local blogs.

Also add your blog link to your profile so anyone viewing your profile will see the link. Not all members know how to find the blogs straight away.

If you make your blog a welcome home type place for people to vivit you will soon strike up some great conversations with people.

Ive got a meet & greet arranged for a week saturday with a couple of other members who ive met through my blog alone.

We have gotten to know each others humour a great deal & have found we have lots in common.

These small changes make a massive difference, this time in a couple of months you will find many wonderful characters have contributed their thoughts & opinions to your blog & hopefully some of your new friends will be local enough to meet up with.

Best of luck.

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