RENEE7773 46F
2 posts
8/3/2006 11:15 am

i don't know what has come over me sometime i get horney like crazy and my husband just don't understand i want it hard and all night and sometime i want it all day it just depends on where the mood hit me. i can be at work and i'm wanting to be fucked major. maybe i'm just going through this horney spell because i'm not getting enough at home who knows but it just come and goes its not every day its just the spur of the moments. i just want to be satisfied the right way so maybe these feelings want come back are maybe i just love to have sex. i don't know but i wish one day i can put my hand on the answer.

rm_bubbalump66 51M
1 post
8/25/2006 1:54 pm

What do you look like maybe I can accomodate

rm_intime4u2cum 107M

9/2/2006 3:49 pm

No Renee, your maybe not just having a spell ... but needing to be appreciated for your sexuality. You may get it from your spouse or you may get it from someone like me. Question is: do you orgasm everytime you have sex or at least several times in the first 15-20. Everyone's sexual necessities differ .. even in the married
department. I and my wife would have so much that I even felt abused.
My wife had 3-4 affairs and still came home and fucked the heck out of me. I had found out later when she told me ... but I did not divorce her ... I was only shocked and then it turned me on.
Now...I believe I am going through that phase. My recent FkBudy had filled that appreciated and satisfied need!!! Give me a buzz .. lets see if we may have a 4-5 star match?

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