A look at my self  

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9/30/2005 5:25 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

A look at my self

I stood back to day and looked at my self as others see me. Not in the mirrior but at the inner me. What I say and what I do. How do I come across to others. what I found surprizes me.

I'm harsh some time. I go off half cocked and say things I should not say. I can think them all i want but should just keep my mouth shut.

Sure I am a nice guy. I love to party with my friend. I don't care if i'm alittle strange and Let my hair down when I can. I can even wear a kilt with pride and have fun getting the looks from those who dare to give the looks. I am a gentalman to the ladys . I hold open doors and guide them with a tender hand to the small of the back.

But if some one gets my dander up I will say so. I will write in a fourum some thing that i would not say out loud even. Bad Bad Bad thing to do. I have oppinions though . Every one does but not every one spits them out like a mouth full of crap. I do and i did this week.

It felt so damn good too. Untill i looked back at not what I said but how I said things. I worded thing to harsh. I chewed it up and made it all look like trash. They were ugly words when I got done with them.

Fuck some times I wish those little guys would show up. You know the ones I'm talking about. Those little guys that sit on your shoulder. The Bad guy with horns that tell you say this and say that .... Be evil and chew those words up and spit them in their faces. Get fucking crasy on them.... I guess he did show up though ..

So where was the good guy. The one that says NO keep a civil toung. Be Quiet and listen. Love your brothers and your sister and play nice. Be a friend and shut your damn mouth..

I would have listened to that one .. the good one. I would have imbraced him with open arms because thats the one I like to hear. Thats the one my wife likes to hear. Thats the one that used to hang around all the time and made my wife fall in love with me...

I'm going to find that one again this week. I know where he is. Just going to have to coax him out is all..

Mr Q

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10/2/2005 4:23 am

Mr Q,

I thnk that at times everyone needs to find that good spirit. Just wish more folks had before all the sh** hit the fan. Big hugs to you and Mrs Q - still hoping to meet you.

Mrs Meadow

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