Queen's 3PM annointing...  

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2/27/2005 11:18 am

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Queen's 3PM annointing...

I'm not into role-playing but I have an
exhibitionist's curiousity:

Underlying theme is a cataclysmic, episodic release into male exhibition for a female Goddess and her attendants. Hard as a rock I perpetuate little drops of semen from the tip of my erect, perfectly tanned penis for an extended period of time. As cordially polite admirers, they all look on while engaging in conversation, pausing for long sips on their drinks and periods of silence in order to easily sustain a vigil of curious watchfulness. They are like angels in white lace and she is Her Majesty, the nude and fully-scan-able, royally-busted Queen. On the side, I also admit that I fantasize a general tendency for the above in a less formal setting.

a.)Do you think its worth pursuing any expenditure to make this fantasy come true?


c.)Have YOU ever participated in this sort of thing?

d.)In Reality, or was it fantasizing?

e.)If it was real, have you served time for it?

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