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2/27/2005 7:44 am

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PetNPurr o0O0o

Setting a designated rendezvous mark might make for interesting activities...

[blog Queo0O0o] might assert an up-north coffee/breakfast time & location, even proposing to buy the paper at precisely the given time.

He could try a local night club with initials at a date and precise time.

He could set a time in a remotely accessible location for July-August kayak season and plan to be precisely THERE. IT could be the departuring point for a 5-day drip dunto the wilderness.

These would be pressure points to actually select and negotiate an encounter with up-for-the-kill Queo0O0o. Cunplayants are expected to work in pairs (you would work alone, like Que does?) making eye contact with, and picking up HMS Queo0O0o.

A beater-way for Queo0O0o to play IT will be to screen inquiries, and disclose a list of o0O0o-points via e-mail.

Location is north-central Minnesota,, timeframe is April-September. Daytime outdoor activities might generally lead to a night of passion.

Suggestions? Got a BETTER way for Queo0O0o to get played?

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