Clint's new private sensation: View to a perpetual beach oracle  

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2/27/2005 11:04 am

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Clint's new private sensation: View to a perpetual beach oracle

Briefly, I once wrote a detailed account of a beach fantasy in which I was forced to receive oral sex from a line of women at a nude beach in California. I am first caught in the act trying to expose my erection to the women.

In the account I make an 'X' on a bogus contract with a pencil in my mouth. The activity is then filmed to create jobs for good California people and the director, Danny Devito. The women would each work on me for awhile then go to the back of the line to rest and wait for another turn. It lasted for hours until it was time for the crew to go home.

All alone, I stagger along the beach at sunset and am lured by a nice woman with potassium-loaded bananas. We go up to her house and she prepares a nutritious meal.

In walks Clint Eastwood, her lover. He grabs me and literally carries me to the door. There, he utters "I bet they shoved a Dick in your mouth." I correct him saying that it was in fact a pencil. He growls and says, "Pencil-Dick, what's the difference?" He pauses and adds, "Some people actually work for a living, and (motioning behind himself) she is supposed to know the difference." With that said, he then violently heaves me out the door. Hearing muffled shouting in the house behind me, I try to find my way back down to the beach...

Clint actually hired Devito to film it and not pay the male talent (me.) It always works to catch his live-in lover at the time, who never fails to see the whole thing, and react with sympathy to prepare a meal for the poor man... Clint just does it for personal amusement, and Devito loves to film and direct it. Also, I am misguided by a voice in my head that is none other than that of Michael Douglas, who is generally telling me to 'Go for It.'

I know its wrong to do this sort of thing,, but what should happen next, in making my way down to the beach? My car is about a mile away and it is almost dark. I'm still starving and my prostate gland is beginning to hurt from lack of nutrition...

Should I dial 911? Do you think Clint is liable for a lawsuit? What about the women?

Aaaanald is probably already very pissed about this thread so don't hold back!

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