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1/23/2006 2:36 pm

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hmmmm, let's see, what's happened since last entry? Nothing to really speak of. Other than my ex finding someone new and deciding that a new girlfriend was the perfect reason to slander my name. I honestly don't understand, because I never did anything to him. I dealt with his fucked up depression issues, listened to him bitch about life, gave him what I considered fairly good sex...and suddenly I'm a ho. Um, hunny, how am I the ho when you said you loved me and then 2 days later got yourself some other bitch? But whatever. No sense worrying about the hopeless cases in this world. School's boring...insanely so. And our school musical, bah! What a mess...I need some stress relief, and I'm hoping this week ends fast (and it's only Monday...). And as always, still looking for that "perfect man." An older guy? Yeah, that'd be great...if I could find one that I felt a connection with and an attraction to...Blah maybe I'll never be totally satisfied hahaha. But I got my music and my vibrator, so what else do I need, right? Hahaha. Well that's all for now I I'm off to eat almonds, drink chai tea, and watch some more tennis...
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rm_squirt8015 52M

3/4/2006 10:30 pm

I think younger men and I use that term loosely, are not mature and dont appreciate a woman. They only think of getting off and how many to score. So here I am. I like to truely watch a woman get turned on and make her orgasm is a turn on for me. Sex should be enjoyed by both parties and should not be a get on get off experience.

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