Strange days is the strange world of the bronx  

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7/19/2006 4:18 am

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Strange days is the strange world of the bronx

since I have been living here in my own apt. My neighbors think its their business to watch my house. and report to the landlord who walks in and walks out of my house and when im on the telephone or not. and will take great pains in discussing it out in the street. when anyone comes around looking for me (co workers, friends , boyfriends etc.) these nosey #^*%('s will come outside and try to look in my house to see who it is. and these are teenagers when I was teen I was not this disrespectful because my mother was not trying to be my friend. what people do in the apt that they rent is their businessand I dont care what they are doing in it. But some folks feel its in their god given right to know who is doing what when where and how. Hello? are we still in american? also being that im single with no children makes it worst. and I got these folks grilling me 24/7 for just walking in and out of my house and going to work and coming home. Does homeland security need to know who im sleeping with?
so I suspected that there were bugs and cameras in my home and landlords tend to do with single women (dont ask me why) so I changed my locks. hoppefully that should take care of the problem
I came home a few times to the door bring unlock so I know for a fact it was broken into.
hopefully this should persuade me enough to move into a better apt in a better neighborhood.

rm_hornybx1964 53M/F

7/20/2006 5:56 am

do you really need that nonsense????? give them a piece of your mind....

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