Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac  

Queen_Of_Wands 47F
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7/1/2006 3:23 am

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7/1/2006 9:14 am

Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac

The way I see it, power is like freedom; if you connive to get it, you lose it and all that it stands for. You become a slave to the very thing you should never try to own.

I see people in chat, ranting in upper case to be noticed because they want to have power there; they think that does the trick when all it does is expose their own shortcomings. Abuse gets hurled, gossip gets treated as fact and all in some limp effort to be a name, and important in the eyes of others. Completely pointless to try and be boss of a scrolling screen..I reckon the worst offenders have very limited life choices offline. What the hell can they really do - backtab people they don't like within an inch of their lives? Destroy them with the return key? I don't think they realise how funny it is to watch; dummies flying like missiles as they bang away at the keyboard and get all het up and over what? Different coloured fonts scrolling down a screen. They don't know the people they pick on and they never will.

I could feel sorry for them if their lives aren't what they'd like if they didn't compensate for it online by being as putrid as possible. Chat is their online equivalent to watching soaps. Fact is, online chat is no more than smoke so nothing there can be valid; off goes the PC and they're not even a memory.

I've got issues myself but only with people I know to be bullies, headgamers or liars for their own gain, as I've mentioned elsewhere, and I'll never apologise for that because as a result others get hurt and I don't agree with it. I'd do it again if I had to but I do get bored by the crap which clearly stems from jealousy. Jealousy is an utterly pointless emotion; there's always someone better looking/younger or whatever around so why worry? Besides, no one has a perfect life so whatever advantages they may seem to have may not exist anyway.

The ones that hook up from here and then expect fidelity are pretty naïve - this is a swinger site and most are married so fidelity kinda became academic when they joined. Not saying it doesn't happen as I've known several couples meet and marry out of here but it's still rare. And if you do find someone here but are insecure enough not to trust them then the relationship's not going to last 5 minutes anyway and it won't be down to outsiders, it'll be your own fault. Warring with the one you see as a risk won't change a thing either; all that people will see is your weak point on public display, right where you put it.

I don't need a support group to validate me as I know who I am and I'm comfy in my own skin; I don't give a toss about power. No one has power over me unless I care for them and in that situation, power is a gentle thing because I give it to them, they don't demand it from me. Genuine power lies in being strong enough to give power away, to show someone else that much trust. Power like that is the ultimate aphrodisiac and much sweeter to experience than being a big font in a chat room.

Maybe power and freedom are almost the same thing. Power isn't control and license isn't freedom. We're born with license and we evolve (or should) to enjoy freedom; that can only happen when we understand and accept the boundaries of others, and that applies in chat as much as it should everywhere else.

ChrisDL 48M

7/1/2006 4:36 am

Power does nothing for me - I have some of my own in my own small way, but that was earned through hard work.

I see a lot of behaviour in the chat rooms that I don't like very much, but a lot of is attention seeking, but then why am I chatting if I don't want attention?

Still I have made a lot of friends - and I'll take that over power anyday

rm_iwannatellu 46F
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7/1/2006 5:09 am

Interesting perspective.

I tend to agree with you, but like Chris, I too enjoy chatting to many people in the chat rooms, and have made a few friends there.

Keep blogging, I will be back to see more of your opinions.



alchemistz9 58M

7/1/2006 5:35 am

Hi Queen,

Thanks for the insightful post

Queen_Of_Wands 47F

7/1/2006 6:45 am

Yeah, well, I've known Chris a long time and he's blessedly normal and you 2 sound the same so drop in again anytime, more than welcome. I'm only talking about trolls with nothing else to occupy their time but harassing others for no reason other than spite, stupidity or boredom. Any halfway decent person would have better things to do all day. Iggy works as a deterrent but they get banned so often you have to keep iggying their new handles and that gets tedious.

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