A *real* woman  

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4/19/2006 11:52 pm

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A *real* woman

In commenting on my last entry, PassionKisses4Me reminded me of this old chestnut. I can't count the times I've seen it surface and clearly I'm not alone.

What the hell IS a real woman? In their eyes, that is. It mystifies me. The site is heaving with real women, same as real men, unless holograms have acquired the capacity to type.

I think a clear definition of 'real woman' is required, so here goes.

A real woman is:
Moody at times, happy and sad together
Busy with all kinds of things
Thoughtful for family and friends
There WILL be cellulite, or stretchmarks. DEAL WITH IT.
Not always up for a fuck but in need of a cuddle
Happy when surprised with a little pampering

If my definition surprises any guys reading this, then you should have been out dating at 14 instead of wanking over Lara Croft and you should be talking to real women in the chatrooms instead of slavering over a pair of implants on some fuzzbrained slut with her nipples glued to her cam.

Clear enough for ya?

Oh yeah..one final hint? You want to know the most sensual part of a woman? Well, it isn't breasts or thighs.

Worked it out yet?

It's her entire skin. Explore it and learn it.

Queen_Of_Wands 47F

4/20/2006 12:50 pm

A moment's silence, please, for the newly-departed russthefuss2. I'm sure he's out there somewhere, hurling toys in all directions because he wants a woman who's a whore but isn't prepared to actually pay for one; a very common perspective on the part of Homo AFFensis but not one I welcome on my blog. Sorry, Russ..deal with it.

Should any kind soul here be sufficiently moved by his plight to make a donation to his cause, let me know and I will set up a PayPal account.

SirMounts 103M

4/21/2006 2:29 pm

My, that's quite a kickoff to your blog. *smiling*
Welcome to the blogs, Queen_Of_Wands.

Queen_Of_Wands 47F

4/21/2006 11:23 pm

Thanks, I think I'm settling in fairly comfortably

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