Today's A Better Day....  

QueenOfHearts25 38F
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4/6/2006 1:10 pm
Today's A Better Day....

I've had an very enjoyable chat with a friend of mine on IM. Hopefully if she reads this she'll know I'm talking about her. Had a very good email from another friend of mine. So I'm feeling much better about everything.

2 days ago I became a new auntie for the 11th time, he's about 6 weeks early. He's so small but as I was in the ICU taking my very first look at him, I wondered what he would grow up to be like, and thought to myself he'll have a good life although my sister will ride his ass like no tommorrow. lol (she's very picky about everything, I've witnessed it with my other neices and nephews) But he'll turn out just fine. I can't wait until he gets bigger and we can hold him. When he grasped my finger I was so amazed he could do so only being 4lbs and 8 ozs. He's quite the strong lil bugger.

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