Always let her decide on the partner!  

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7/31/2006 5:27 am
Always let her decide on the partner!

I am a horndog- I know this, because, last I checked, I was male. Therefore, I am a horndog. The two seem to go together well- man, horndog.

Now, if you are very lucky, sometimes, as a man, you get a couple chances to have a relationship with a female that is sexual compatible to you. However, that DOES NOT mean SHE is a horndog. First off, you should NEVER have your girlfriends name, and anything with "dog" in the same sentence, unless, it is something cute like "look at that cute little dog over there, is it a puppy or just cute baby"- or some such other inane drivel.

Okay, I have found a very, very good girlfriend who seems to be very compatable with me, and, well, all growed up and stuff. That means very litle, if any, drama. Okay, you read our profile, you know what we are looking for, no secret there, 'specially not on a dedicated sex site hmmmm?

So, being a man of a certain age, every once in a while, I am smart about something relationship wise. I tell you "I want no hand in the initial meeting or picking of any potential candidates that fit the descripion of what we are looking for"- smart move on my part.

Because, as a horndog, I will not be too picky I am afraid. Women are much better at being picky.

Also, I have been out of this scene for some time, so I will probably make mistakes at it. Or WOULD make mistakes if she wasn't doing the deciding LOL

So what ARE we looking for? I suggest you ask her....

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