A not so typical day  

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4/6/2006 6:53 pm
A not so typical day

This is my living situation. I have a loving man in my arms
every nite. He's 5' 11", hazel eyes, brown hair, clean cut
facial hair, 7 inch cock, excellent gurh, musclar man. I'm
5'9", Eyes that change colors, c cup breasts, neatly trimmed
pussy. And just down the hall I have a lucious little woman.
She's 5'6", long blonde hair, blue eyes, c cup breasts, tiny
hands & feet, neatly trimmed pussy, lucious full pouty lips,
& excellent curves. We all get up at different times to go to
work. So the shower is a busy place in our house. We all have
to share that room for an hour or so daily. Until today. We
shared it in a unusual way. The man of the house was in the
shower rinsing his hair when I slipped in & wrapped my mouth
around his lucious cock. He was hard in seconds & surprised
to feel me right then. I begin sucking him intensly.He was
extremely aroused & enjoying every pump of my we lips wrapped
around his cock. After moments of this he wants to play to so
I stand up & expose my tender pink pussy to him. He slides his
warm fingers in my extremely wet pussy. It's so tight he says
in a moan of desire. He feels around a bit enjoying all the
warmth & wetness he has clutching his fingers tightly. He moans
a bit at times. He slides his 2 fingers out & slides them up &
he hits my clit. I jump a little & let out a slight gasp of pure
pleasure. He says I want a lick babe. So I climb up the sides of
our tub so he can get what he wants. He gets on his knees & looks
up. I feel his hot tongue on my hard clit. The hood is as hard as
it gets. As his tongue is flicking back & forth over it sending
shivers up & down my whole body. I let out peeps of desire which
he is pleased to hear. This is only making him want me more. He
stands up looks into my eyes & gives me a kiss. I eagerly kiss
him licking his lips. Tasting my sweet juices all over his lips.
He slips his fingers back inside of me & using his other hand to
flick my clit. I wrap my hand around his fully hard cock.
Stroking him intensly. Slowing just long enough to tease the head
a bit. Making him moan out with desire. He continues to kiss me
slipping his tongue in my mouth. I want his hard cock inside me
so bad. He spins me around. I feel his hard pulsing cock head slide
inside inside of me just a bit. I feel the head rubbing just the rim
of my pussy. I let out moans of sweet desire as he enters. He lets
out moans of his own.Letting each other know we are very aroused &
pleased with what we are feeling from the other. Wanting more. We
continue to kiss each other with passion. I reach between my legs
to cup his balls in my hand & I can feel his hard cock sliding in
& out of me. I slide my fingers along the shaft as he glides in &
out of my tight pussy. I feel me dripping sweet juices with every
glide out. His breathing has gotten so fast. He is pounding his
hard cockinto me when i get a mouth applied to my nipple. My woman
has come to join me. I reach down to put my fingers in by her clit.
She is dripping wet from hearing us. I slide my fingers down to the
opening of her pussy just waiting, wanting me. She gets down on her
knees & begins to lick my clit while he is pounding me from behind.
He reaches over & cups my breast. She has the other breast in her
tiny little hand. Flicking my nip thru her fingers. He's doing the
same thing. I'm moaning with sheer delight. When I reach over & put
my fingers in her eagerly waiting pussy. She too lets out a moan
of pleasure. I reach for the dildo in the shower. I turn it on &
insert it into her hot little pussy as she arches herself so I can
fuck her& lick her all at the same time, As i'm getting pounded from
him. He slows a bit so he can watch me lick her tender pussy. She
begins to breathe really fast & heavy. I lick her clit more intensly.
She grabs her breasts & she is playing with her nips while he has
my nips in his hands & I have her pussy in my mouth. I have one
hand on her breast & the other is guiding the dildo in & out of her
dripping wet pussy. The scent is devine. She is letting out screams
of sweet desire as well as him & I. It's echoing off the walls. We
are all getting close to a multi climax. When he shoots his load deep
inside of me I as well leave my juices flow all over his deep driven
head. I pull the dildo out of her & insert my fingers so I can feel
her tighten around my fingers as she cums on me. She screams out as
she covers my fingers & face full of her sweet tasting juices. I lick
up every drop. I turn to kiss him & give him a sweet taste of her. She
is so tightly gripping my fingers in her pussy. I feel her body
trembling from ecstasy. He is getting the same feeling from me.
I feel his cock throbbing inside of me as he is shooting his load.
He starts to glide again. He wants more. I gladly give him what he
wants but this time we move to our bedroom for more comfort & better
access. I continue on her as well as I lay on my side so he can lick
my pussy. I can now lick hers as well as using the toy. I have his
cock in my hand stroking him. She is so wet & slippery. I reach in
the drawer next to the bed & grab the strap on for her. I have her
use the bullet on her clit while i'm teasing her with the cock. His
tongue is getting me very heated. He puts his cock inside of my
pussy. So I penitrate her as well. We get a good rythem going. Each
of us breathing really fast from before & only getting more intense.
She is screaming out "Fuck me harder". So I start to pound her & he
picks up his pace to match me with her. She is loving every stroke
I'm giving her. I'm loving every stroke he is giving me. She yells
out "Ohhhhh I'm cumin" Ohhhhh". I again pull out the toy so I can
feel her pussy tighten up & cum on my fingers. Her pussy clenches so
tight when I enter my fingers. I feel her body start to arch & tense
up. My pussy clenches around his cock as well. His cock deep inside
me when she screams out "Ahhhhh" she soaks my fingers again with her
sweet cum. I pull my fingers out of her & lick them off. Not missing
a drop of her sweet juice. I give him a kiss to share her with him.
He is still pounding me when I give him a sweet surprise of his own.
He grinds himself deep inside of me as I let loose all of my juices
all over his head. He yells out "Ohhhhh" as he too cums deep inside of
me. He pauses for a moment. Then he glides a bit so she can get a few
licks of his shaft.Filled with a delicate mix of our potions of desire.
She gives me a kiss only to share the flavor of love. He goes back 2
finish his shower when i use the strap on on her. I bend her over doggie
style on the bed. I slip the cock into her. She moans a bit. I ask her
"How bad do u want it babe?" She replies "FUCK ME". So I give her what
she wants. I pull out long enough to flip her over so I can play with
her breasts. I pull her to the edge of the bed. She lies back. I enter
once again. I play with her nice hard clit popping up. She is so into her
feelings of pleasure. She moans out loadly. When I feel a pair of hands
grab me from behind & bend me over her a bit. He slides his still erect
cock inside of my wet pussy. He creates a nice stride with me that she
gets as well. She is about to let loose again when i grab her breasts in
my hands & she spplies the bullet to her clit. She starts to pant &
scream. She is so close & so am I. Her & I cum together. He pulls me
away from her. I take the strap on off as he flips me over & slides
me 2 the end of the bed. Lies me down & reenters me. He again gets a
nice stride going when I get her pussy put over my mouth. I lick up every
drop as he starts 2 go faster & deeper in me. He is so close when I feel
the head of his cock swell. Then he lets out a yell of pure ecstasy. I
feel his head pulsating inside of me as he shoots his cum again. We look
at the clock & say thats it for now gotta go to work. Maybe more later.
We exchange kisses & go our seperate ways.

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