Beginnings Part 2  

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5/14/2006 4:38 pm

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Beginnings Part 2

Beginnings- Part 2

My introduction to licking pussy was a long drawn out affair covering more than two years. After being seduced by the woman I babysat for. My schooling was intense and hot.

She was about 5’6 tall and a 130-lb. dynamo, always on the go. She walked fast, talked fast, and fucked fast too when she felt the urge. A typical session might be when we would lie in bed and I received my “instructions”.

With my head down between her legs, she would have me to explore her Yoni. Peering deep, I learned to recognize her vagina, and clit, she pointed out to me her urea and it’s purpose. I was instructed how to find that soft fatty bundle of nerve tissue in her vagina, just behind her clit. I learned its importance to her, in regard to the sensations it produced in a woman’s body. She showed me how to suck her clit in a way that was not irritating to her and to respected the sensitivity of this small gland. I found, or was shown the second less well known "g spot" in her body. I saw what happened when I made a circle with my lips and gently sucked her urea, or flick my tongue over it. This went on and on until she showed me how to put all this knowledge to work in a symphony of sexual pleasure. I was an avid pupil. I took to these lessons of eating her pussy like a submarine to the ocean, or a polar bear to ice.

Fucking was a little harder for me. First of all, I would cum almost instantly when putting my cock in her. Boy did she let me have it! She berated me, called me names, and told me to try again. Of course I was young, and it (my dick) was hard again in two second. but the results were the same.. So she tried something new. I inserted my cock and remained still, and when I started to tremble, she pulled it out and squeezed the base of my dick until the trembling subside before putting it back in to begin the process all over again. Eventually I could stay there awhile without cuming or moving. Then we went to the next step of moving. She threatened cajoled and berated me all the way. One time she even slapped me up side the head and threatened to whip my ass if I did not “get my shit together”. I probably would have stopped if it were not for that sweet pussy she was feeding me.

I learned to love the natural smell of her pussy. Once she said, “ I have a special treat for you tonight.” She had decided that I would spend the night sleeping between her legs, just smelling and licking that naturally juicy pussy all night long, even while she slept. The treat was not only that part, but she had decided the day before that she would not wash it at all. I was to smell lick and eat her natural, no soap in it pussy. All the natural aromas, flavors and texture of it were my treat.

I could go on and own about those nights when I was baby-sitting, but truth be told, she was baby sitting me. Baby sitting her sweet pussy in my face. Teaching me to suck, lick, kiss and eat her Yoni. And for those of you reading this post, I guess most of you already know there is a difference.

Sadly, it all came to an end. All beginnings have an ending. But, my joy in eating, licking kissing and sucking that sweet Yoni continues. Along with a few other things she just did not have the time to teach me herself. I have come to appreciate that no man can truly satisfy a woman sexually with out knowledge, consent, respect, and unselfishness.

I enjoy penetrating and fucking. But by now, you well know what I like best.

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