By the Pool ROCKS  

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3/23/2006 1:34 pm

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By the Pool ROCKS

so yesterday i decided, TODAY is MY day. finally. these past couple of weeks have been very stressful. good and bad of course.

the $49 million settlement obviously had me on CLOUD NINE!!!!! who's better than me, you think for a mere weekend. ok, that's over now. (it did feel really good i must admit).

then you have friends asking for this and that, using you as the emotional rock. then you have your own family, relationships. all taxing. but my nature is to give. always give. never stop giving. because i love and cherish.

and i trust, WAY TOO MUCH.

but that never stops me from continuing to do it. i blame my parents who are pure saints! damn them. haha!

yet i dislike people. disingenuous, deceitful, ALL selfish, weak, always NEEDING, and so many believe they must take advantage of others in order to justify their existence.

do you know the definition of POWER????? Power is when party A causes party B to do something party B would not have otherwise done.

So as I sit here by the enclosed pool at home, cocktail in hand, pondering existence after a grueling litigation process and awesome settlement, dwell in the sorrow of all i know, try to solve the worlds problmes and wonder at the end of it why? why does malice still exist? why such unhappiness in the world? LIVE AND LET LIVE!

my life is awesome, i have an amazing family and friends, and have the ONE. and i will continue to give, trust, and BE. for i will NEVER be that party B. always the party A. ponder on peeps, and i hope some day, you can find this happiness too.

fight boredom, for it is winning.

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