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7/25/2005 3:49 pm

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Erotic writings

A pity more writers don't work on character development, all too often relying on sex. I enjoy sex, but a properly written story moves well beyond "mere sex."

I posted one of mine under erotic stories, "The Private Club," one I wrote back in the mid-80's under the title "The Vacation."

I enjoy plot twists, even with heavy porn elements. I once wrote a series based upon a -type scene, the classic a woman goes into a 'bad bar' and things go wild, with multiple men until at the end she's the only one left standing. The sex and emotions were real, accurate, but the fun was the last six paragraphs. When then men said "we give up, we're finished!" And throw her out.

Then you hear "Cut." And realize it was a movie with the top porn star as the lead. The men all congratulate her on a perfect, single take movie. The first of it's kind.

Then she looks at all the men and says, lets do another take. The men all groan, she triumphs both physically, mentally as well as economically.

I enjoy those plot twists, the unpredictable.

Also humor does have a place in good erotic writing. I'm working on one now that has huge elements of humor within the storyline.

So, keep writing, but be imaginative and have fun all.


ens_fanny 46F

7/26/2005 5:34 pm

Hello there,
Read your story. Would like more of the same. I was just sucked in and couldn't tear my eyes away. Amazing. I am still panting. And dripping

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