And I thought I was being selfish  

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6/6/2006 5:18 am

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And I thought I was being selfish

Before I was remarried, I dated a lot of different women. Some were a little nuts, some were too nice, some were needy, and some did not need anyone at all. Most were very attractive, but one thing was common among all of them, I learned various lessons of life from each and every one.

There was one particular woman, and I'll call her El. El is someone that you will always remember. Pretty, fun, physically attractive and a fantastic lover. I had two sexual firsts with her:
The first one was that she almost always had a fantastic orgasm as we fucked missionary style. Now I have experienced women having orgasms as they sat on top of me and once in a while while I was on top of them, but El could only have one in the missionary position. She would grab my waist, start moving her hips and legs, she would grind herself into me, throw her head back, her eyes would roll, and then she would cum very strong. This was after we moved from one position to another, her on top, me from behind, side ways, and her all time favorite, on the table or on her dresser. She loved sitting on the edge of a table, holding her legs up, and watching me go in and out of her. She always needed to end our love making, after she came, by having me cum either on her breast or in her mouth. She loved the taste of cum and laughed if I shot so hard that it hit her face.
The second first is that she did not like to receive oral sex. She loved giving it and would suck me at the drop of a hat. But she did not like me, or anyone else, going down on her. I had never met a woman before who did not enjoy receiving head, or at least endulging in her partner's desire to taste her juices.
But that is where I almost got her going. One of her favorite sex activities was for me to use her life-like dildo on her. She would suck me as I slid it in and out of her. She has a beautiful pussy and I really enjoyed watching her lips grab and release the dildo. Then one night, as she suck me while I worked the dildo, I bent over and started to gently move my tounge over her clit. Not too fast and not too hard. I was basically doing it for myself, as I love the taste of a woman as much as she loves the taste of a man's cum. Knowing that she did not like receiving oral I stopped after a few minutes. To make a long story short, after we finished our love making that night she confessed to me that she secretly wanted me to continue with my tounge. She said that some unknown pleasent feeling was starting to boil inside her, one that she never felt before.

How I wished I was a little more selfish. I would have given her something that I never thought I could have.

El and I broke up because she didn't need anything except sex. She did not need a relationship and I wanted to have a relationship. I still love her and always will.

sexyariesgirl 58F

6/6/2006 9:57 am

Loved this post!

Power To FOK

PappiMoresGable 65M

6/6/2006 3:55 pm

Thanks, it is a true story, as will all of my stories, or should I say my sharing of of experiences. There is much I want to share with others.

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