Mmmmm, that was good!  

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6/15/2005 9:46 pm

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Mmmmm, that was good!

She’s on all fours on the bed in front of me with her ass in the air and her mouth on my cock giving a fantastic bj. I love the smell of her perfume. She grabs my ass with one hand and pulls me further into her mouth. Heaven!

(More cumming, but want to post before 11. Will continue immediately)

Her tight tanned body is a wonder to behold as she is servicing me. I just revel in it and run my hands all over her. I love what she’s doing to me, but I want to do for her! That’s my thing!

I pull her up to me and kiss her bud of a mouth. It tastes like condom, but who cares at this point. I lay her down, all the while kissing her all over. I’m basically just worshipping her near-perfect body with my mouth and tongue. Her skin tastes fresh, yet salty. Her perfume washes over me again as I nibble on her ears and lick and suck her neck and jaw line. Back to those lips! GD she has me hot!

Her chest is next, but I don’t immediately go for her breasts or nipples. I tease a little by kissing down the middle between them. I kiss on her ribs just below them. Then I bring my tongue up to the lower swell of one. Slowly I swirl it in towards the peak of her mountain, then crash my whole mouth down on the nipple like an avalanche of desire ~ sucking as much of her into my mouth as I can!

I’m on fire now! She’s arching her back and moaning. Once more those lips! That tongue!

I briefly pause to take in the whole of the vision that is beneath me while my hands rest on her hips and frame a flat tummy that is rising and falling rapidly with her excitement.

I move down to the object of my desire, and reroute my arms so they are nestled next to her valentine shaped ass, under her legs, and around so that her breasts and nipples are within the reach of my greedy hands!

There it is. Clean. Shaven. Glistening with her passion. Again, I don’t just go right for it. I can tell she wants me to, but I don’t. I suck some of her tight ass-flesh into my mouth. I give a playful, light, teasing bite to the inside of a thigh. Mmmm… a little closer. Licking the transition from thigh to pelvic, over the top of her sex, and down the other side. Aahhh… need it now!! Teasing myself as well as her! I lick next to it. Up the outside of her swollen lips on one side, then back down on the other.

SHIT! I CAN’T TAKE IT ANY MORE! I have to taste it! I dive my tongue into her sweetness only to be rewarded with shock!

Now listen folks…. I love oral. I love oral enough that I’ve tasted my fair share of the opposite sex’s natural lubrication. People, I’ve never tasted anything so sweet in my life as this woman’s pussy. I don’t know how else to say it. It tasted like candy. I kid you not. So much so that I stopped and commented on it! Her reply was: “I eat a lot of candy.” That was all the explanation she would give.

So I’m down there burying my face in this extraordinary woman’s flower, just enjoying things as much as she is. After all of the tongue attention that I’d given her to this point, and then really having a great time blowing, licking, sucking, and nibbling on her femininity she was getting near the edge. This was especially true when I noticed that she really liked a lot of pressure. She wanted me to grind my face on her clit. She loved it when I would purse my lips, press them against her button with my teeth and shake my head back and forth to really give her a scrubbing.

Fingers were going in and searching for the right g-spot(s), but she decided that she wanted my cock! It was then that I discovered that she’d already had several orgasms and wanted me to have one!

We flipped from position to position. Mission. Doggie. My favorite was when her perfect legs were extended up my chest, while I held her slim hips up from the mattress at just the right angle by holding her up by her scrumptious ass. Yummy!

I never did cum that night. I still don’t know why. Maybe because I was mentally enjoying her so much that I just never got to the point of explosion? Kind of like thinking about baseball, only in reverse? Dunno.

All I know is that we would have amazing sex, then take amazing pix. It went on and on like that. Amazing sex. Amazing pix. They are still some of my favorite pix to this day.

The next day she would speak of another man that she wanted as a boyfriend before I showed up that night. “Let’s just keep this as something that happened between friends,” she kept saying over and over. I never thought of it as anything else, but she seemed concerned.

She and I would talk in the coming weeks. She loved the pix, and wanted to use them for various things. I suggested that this time she had a real shot at Playboy. I left a model release with her so that I could submit them to Playboy. Something in the legalese pissed her off, and then she moved back across the country before I could fix things between us.

I still think about that night sometimes. I don’t recommend fucking the models. It makes things complicated. She and I don’t talk at all anymore. Probably won’t. I’ve lost a good friend and an excellent model. Still…..

ProFotoFreak 46M

6/16/2005 6:29 pm

There you go curious!

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