My blind date Fantacy! Maby with you!  

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1/15/2006 11:49 pm

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My blind date Fantacy! Maby with you!

You are sitting at the end of the bar, wearing the cute little red dress, as you had promised. You are sipping a glass of Baileys while waiting for me to arrive. You watch the door in anticipation of my arrival, hoping that you will like what you see. Several people come and go, but none of them are me. Finally, you glance up and there I am, looking around the bar, searching the faces for that one that is familiar. Our eyes meet, we smile in acknowledgment, and I walk towards you.

We embrace in a hug and I sit down on the stool beside you. Huge, nervous smiles cover our faces and we try to make small talk to rid the awkwardness. So many weeks of chatting online and talking on the phone, all culminating into this night. My eyes travel down to your high heels and back up to your face and you can see that I am indeed pleased with what is before me.

I order a round of drinks for us and we ease into more conversation. Flirting ensues - a coy smile, a gentle touch of my hand on yours, our knees collide at one point and you instinctively place your hand on my knee to rub it, apologetically. Our eyes meet again, but now the nervousness has been replaced with desire. I lean in and steal the first kiss, a soft, tender kiss, pulling away slightly and smiling. We then share the second of many more to come this night.

I pull my stool even closer to you, resting my hand on your thigh as we talk and lose ourselves in each other’s eyes. Slowly my hand slides up along your silky pantyhose, under your skirt to your hip, and another coy smile forms on your lips. You notice my jeans getting tighter as my excitement builds. We decide to head someplace more private. As we are walking to my car, I slide my hand up under the back of your skirt and grab your tight ass, almost throwing you off balance, and then give it a little slap.

During the drive to your house, you are kissing my neck and ear, distracting me to the point that we almost rear-end the truck in front of us.

We get to your house and before you can get your coat off, I grab you and push you onto your couch. Kissing your neck and chest, I grab your hair and tug your head back gently, kissing you deeply, our tongues entwined.

As I kiss you, my free hand slides up under your skirt to the crotch of your pantyhose. It is hot and wet, and that excites me even more. I kneel down beside the couch and pull your skirt up around your waist, exposing your beautiful pussy beneath your silky pantyhose. As I run my hands up the insides of your smooth thighs, pushing them farther apart and dive in face first. I inhale deeply, breathing in the aroma of your sweet kitten, then start licking your pussy through the pantyhose. A moan escapes from your lips as I lick and probe with my tongue, teasing you and making you wetter. I bite the nylon and tear a hole with my teeth just big enough for access to your now swollen clit.

I suck it into my mouth, holding it with my teeth and rubbing my tongue back and forth over it, swirling my tongue around it and making you grab for the cushions on the couch. Your kitten is soaking wet now, and your juices are running down the crack of your ass. I straighten up, grab the sides of the small hole and forcefully rip the nylon giving me access of your pussy and your ass. I now push your knees up and back with my hands and bury my face into your hot, wet lips, thrusting my soft tongue inside of you, then licking up to your clit with long, broad strokes of my tongue. You are driving me crazy you scream, and your first orgasm of the night is near. I am relentless - licking and fucking you with my tongue until your body tenses and you explode in orgasm, your pussy constricting around my tongue as I lick up your sweet nectar.

You are still breathing hard as I flip you over and drop my pants - My hard cock jumping out against your silky ass. I again grab the sides of the hole and rip it even larger. You moan with delight as I rub the head of my excited cock up and down your lips, teasing your pussy with its head, pushing it in just to the rim, and pulling it back out again, until you beg me to fuck you. And I do - I grab your hips and ram my hard cock into you all the way up to my balls. Oh my God, I am so deep and fill you up so nicely! I start pumping into you, my cock sliding in and out of your wet, tight pussy. I watch my cock stretching your lips with each stroke out, then slide back in, rubbing your g-spot as I do. I find my rhythm and keep pumping you as you answer my every thrust - your pussy greedily riding up and down my rod. Mmmmmm....You can feel your next orgasm starting to build, and I can feel my kitten tightening around me. I answer by pumping faster, and harder. I know your close...I grab your hair and pull your head back, slapping your ass with my other hand. Oh gawd, I’m so close....I push my thumb into your ass and you explode again, gripping my cock, your entire body trembling. I am nearing release as your pussy milks my cock and you reach back between my legs and cup my balls. They are so tight, you know I am close, so you tease the skin behind your sack with your finger and I yell out “OH FUCK!” and explode inside You, filling your pussy with my sweet cream.

After Cumming, I pull out of you and you spin around and take my softening cock in your mouth. Mmmmm....tasting both of us on me is amazing. My body twitches as you suck me back into shape for the next round.

This fantacy is dedicated to whtgrlndsblkman.
I hope you like it.

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