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9/11/2006 4:15 pm

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Last night I went out with my ex boyfriend and his girlfriend (I had to drive because his car was in the shop). After hanging out for a while we decided to call it a night and I dropped him off and she decided she wanted to come back home to my house and just hang out for a bit and talk about him so she could get the scoop on him hehe. We were having a conversation and somehow we started talking about something and she told me she was bi, I told her I was too and just her saying she was bi made me get all excited. We started to talk a bit about our "experiences" which by this time I was getting quite wet so I decided to reach over onto her and feel between her legs. She acted a bit surprised at first, but with in a few minutes she was moaning pretty loudly, I think she liked it, what do you think? Well, I got down on my knees (she was sitting on the sofa) and started licking between her legs, which was extremely wet, even through her panties (she was wearing a skirt). I found myself needing to be felt as well so I discreetly slipped my hand into the front of my panties, pushing my finger inside myself, beginning to moan as well. Getting frustrated by her panties, I lifted her legs off and pulled them off, finally getting to taste her, wow she tasted so good. I bit her and she screamed out as she orgasmed, I took this time to get myself undressed as she got off the sofa and laid on the ground. I bent her leg up a bit so that it was bent at the knee, her foot on the floor and began sliding my wet pussy up and down it, it felt so good. I moaned loudly as I approached my first orgasm when she put her leg down, pulling me on top of her and then spinning around on top of me. She started teasing and biting my nipples while she used the leg I was sliding up and down on to slide up against me once again. I started to twitch, cumming loudly for her. I began to take off the rest of her clothes, sucking on her nipples and playing with her pussy with my fingers. She told me to get her purse and to my surprise she pulled out a double sided dildo! I think she must've been thinking about this for a while hehe. Anyway, much to my liking, she placed one end in me and one end in herself as I placed my right leg on her stomach and she did the same for me and we used the ground as support to push ourselfs on and off the dildo. I had cum a few times when the phone rang, we just ignored it the first time, but then it rang again. I reached for it and picked it up and it was my ex boyfriend wondering where she was, I just giggled a bit and said, oh she's right here, handed it to her and she told him she was fine and she just wanted to come hang out with me for a while. She spent the night and we had A LOT of fun, I hope we do it again, that was amazing...

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Welcome to the blogs - with writing like that I'm guessing you will find many visitors.

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