Part 2  

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Part 2

Part 2 of the fantasy/story
He climbed up onto the couch and shoved his cock in her mouth, she began to suck on it. It was horrible, she wanted to gag but knew she couldn't. She'd always enjoyed giving blowjobs, but not this time. Before she could get used to it she felt another cock pressing into her dripping pussy. It shoved in hard and fast, it was shorter then Kens but still thick. She tightened her muscles up around it to hold it in her slippery hole and continued to suck on the cock in her mouth that was quickly becomming fully erect. His hands were in her hair, rubbing her head and moving it back and forth up and down his cock. The cock in her cunt began to fuck her faster, and she felt whoever was down there cum. Then the one in her mouth began to spill as well, thick shots of cum shooting to the back of her throat. He slid back a little and ordered, "Don't swollow yet slut, I want you to savor my seed" He finished cumming, and pulled out his cock all the way. Ken grinned down at her, ran a finger along her lips, and said "Now you can swollow baby, so how was it?" She swollowed, and replied, "You know it was delicious." "Good girl." He moved off her and she looked down, Mick was poised between her legs about to fuck her. Jack stood next to him, holding a limp cock covered in semen.

Mick smiled at her, then grabbed her hips and slid his cock in. He was surprisingly quick, a few thrusts and he was done. Then Sean unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. He took his place between her outspread legs and reached up to grab her breasts. He fondled them a bit, and then shoved his dick in.

"Ohh man, you're too loose now. Hey Brent, you said we can fuck her ass too right? "Sure man, whatever you can afford you can do!" was Brents reply, she looked over at him, he was sitting on a recliner, with a CAMERA! She whimpered again, shocked that not only was he allowing his friends to pay to gang-bang her but he was recording it.

Sean fucked in and out of her cunt a few more times, then pulled out and before she could brace herself was shoving his cockhead into her ass. "You ever had your ass fucked before whore?" He asked, grinning down at her. "Yes, but not recently" She replied back, then bit her lip and tried to relax. It hurt, more then she remembered, but then she and Brent always lubed up before and worked her ass up to taking his cock. Sean pushed his dick deeper in, not stopping to accomidate her or let her get used to it. He was just enjoying her ass, and didn't care. Once he was all the way in he paused, then pulled all the way out and did it again. He didn't seem as interested in any sort of verbal byplay, only on savoring the feel of her ass around his cock. His hands squeezed her nipples hard and he orgasmed in her ass, filling it with his semen. After he was done he patted her cheek and pulled out, then stood up and backed away. "Next up?" He asked.

Brents friend Jake walked forward, and knelt between her legs. He pulled out his cock and she stared. He had the biggest and thickest dick she'd ever seen. "Like what you see girl? Hope you don't mind, I'm gonna plough you senseless." He reached up and put his hands around her waist and pulled her onto his cock. It hurt, even after all the cum and her own juices his cock still hurt her. He went slowly though, manipulating her body onto his cock. Soon she was sitting in his lap on the floor with that huge dick fully inside her. "Wrap your hands around my neck baby, it's gonna be a long hard ride. Or at least, round two will be, you're still tight around my cock and I'm not gonna last long the first time." She lifted her arms around his neck, and then he began to bounce her up and down on his cock, fast.

She screamed as his dick fucked her hard, he didn't stop though, slamming her up and down on that monster of a dick. She bit her lip and then he closed his eyes and came inside her cunt. He held her still for a moment, letting her feel again his cock inside her, and surprisingly still rock hard. She stared at him in wonder. He grinned again, then pulled her off it. "Suck it clean bitch." He pushed her head down onto his cock. There was no way she'd get all of it into her mouth, but she tried. He was also moving her head on his cock up and down. All she could do was keep on sucking as he moved her head and mouth around to his liking. Then he held her still as he came in her mouth, sticky thick cum filing her mouth and sliding down her throat. She swollowed as fast as she could, and got most of it down. Some leacked out her mouth. "Clean it up slut" he ordered. So she did, licking her lips and his dick which was only half erect now.

"Keep licking whore, I've got one more load for you, but you gotta work for it. I want you to beg me, beg me to violate your tight ass wiht my big cock. Beg me slut, beg me while you fuck me with your cunt!"

She looked up at him, he was smiling widely, but definitly serious. So, she got to her knees and started to climb back onto his cock. He shifted a bit so his legs were spread out in front of him instead of under him, and his cock looked even bigger that way. She moved forward and poised herself over his dick, then slid onto it. She took a few moments of fucking it quietly to get used to it again, her muscles were so sore. Then she began to beg, as ordered,

"Mmm, Oh Jake your cock is so huge. It feels so good in my tight little cunt. Your cum tasted so good, please fill me again. I want you to use my ass though, please, open my ass up with your cock. I want you to violate all of my holes with your gigantic dick. Please, oh please, fuck my ass."

"Oh you got it slut!" His hands moved quickly around her waist and lifted her up, then he slammed into her ass. She bit her lip in pain, Sean had only barely opened her up and lubed her. His had hurt a bit, Jakes was so very painful. Then one of Jakes hands slid in front between them, and he began to finger her. She moaned as he got her off, his other hand still bouncing her ass on his cock. His fingers didn't stop, and neither did his dick as he fucked her ass. "Oh sweetie, time to cream your ass!" He groaned and then matched actions to words, his cock spilling semen into her ass. After he was done he let her slide limply off him. Then he patted her head, and lifted her hand to kiss it.

"Brent, you are one lucky fuck. You get to enjoy this tight little slut anytime you want. Damn man, she was a fine fine ride. Anytime you want to loan her out like this again, I will gladly take you up on it. Anyone else want some? Or are we done?" Jake asked, looking around.
------------There's still more to this, if anyone wants to read it-------------

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