End of 'Friends' story (part 4)  

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End of 'Friends' story (part 4)

------Part 4--------
Once they were under the hot spray of the water he became oddly gentle. He slid his hands down her body, soaping her up and gently massaging her as he helped her wash off. She was very surprised. Then he pushed her back against the wall and kissed her, but again gently. She felt his hands slide down her body and between her legs then a finger slid into her cunt and gently stroked. At this point she was on a quick trigger and still sexually aroused beyond control, so she orgasmed immediatly. He continued to stoke her but stopped kissing her. She looked up at him, puzzled as he was smiling down at her with an odd look in his eyes. Then he lowered his head again and kissed her some more. A second then a third finger slid in, each addition making her orgasm more strongly. She moaned and gasped as they kissed, unable to help herself. Then his fingers slid out and around to cup her ass. She was lifted up and her legs wrapped around him as his hard again cock slid into her wet hole. She tightened her inner walls around it and he moaned into her mouth. His mouth left hers and began to kiss along her cheekbone and to her ear. She took that as a cue and began to whisper.

"Oh you feel so good, such a wonderful cock, I love the way you fuck me. Oh master please, use me. Use my body, fill my holes!"

One of the hands holding her up against the wall slid up to caress her breast and nipple, again with surprising gentleness. She gasped as the sensation made her orgasm again. He was thrusting slowly in and out of her, taking his time, almost as if he was savoring this. His hand slid down again to cup her ass, and he pulled out of her cunt. Then he gently lowered her to the bottom of the tub and repositioned her doggie style. He thrust his dick into her cunt for a few thrusts then pulled out and began to fuck her ass. He did so slowly, taking his time to slide into the still tight hole. One hand played with her breast, the other began to finger her cunt. She began to orgasm from the sensations of it all, and thrust back onto him, aiding his fucking of her ass. Over and over he drove into her ass and she orgasmed helplessly, she had no idea how long they spent fucking in the tub. Finally he came explosively into her. Then he pulled out, stood up, and helped her to her feet. He again gently helped wash her clean, including her ass. Once they were both clean he turned off the water.

Then they got out of the shower and he handed her a towel. She looked anywhere but at him as she dried off. Then she realized all the clothes she had brought into the shower was the skirt that had never been taken off her.

"Hey, I'll get you some sweats" He walked out of the bathroom and went to his room. A few moments later he returned and she put on the sweats (they were too big, but better then nothing). He pulled on his pants and they walked out and back to the living room where everyone was on chairs or the couch, watching a movie, and dressed. Casually she walked over to Brent, and sat next to him. He put his arm around her. Ken handed him a few bills, which Brent tucked into his pocket. About half an hour later Amy and Brent got up to leave, he was sober enogh to drive home finally though she was too sore. They said goodbye to eveyone, and no one mentioned anything.

In the car, Brent turned to Amy. "So, did you enjoy that?"

"I, I really don't know. Yes I've had fantasies about things like that but well, I never thought it'd happen. I felt so degraded though, I wish you'd tell me or ask me before you decide to do something like that." She spoke honestly.

"Well, I'm sorry. I should have, but fuck, I was really horny, and I wanted you and then I realized I couldn't have you there but I did, then well, we all got carried away. But baby, you were terrific. Every guy there enjoyed fucking you, you've made their fantasies come true." He grinned, "Besides, they just gave me a ton of money, and half of it's yours."

"Only half!" she teased. "I did all the work!"

"Yea yea, my little whore."

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Good writing; hopefully, your fantasies will some day become a reality.

Thanks again for sharing.

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