I forgot my mom's birthday....  

PointyGoodness 49M/44F
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8/14/2005 11:31 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

I forgot my mom's birthday....

Yesterday was my mom's birthday and I forgot. Aaargh...I was too wrapped up in having J-man back from being gone for two weeks...

I've often wondered about my mom...sexually...what kind of a lover she is. Not incestually, but I wonder what a man does to her that makes her tick...that makes her moan...that makes her cry out in passion. When my parents were together I never heard them "doing it." I don't even know if my mom LIKES sex.

It would surprise me if she didn't...I'm a product of her and I love it, but I suppose I'll never find out because I'll certainly never ask. My mom and I never had the kind of relationship where things like that were openly discussed. I had to find out about sex and experience things on my own...my first kiss in kindergarten, being sent home at 8 from school for playing strip poker, having my boobs touched under my shirt for the first time at 15, my first blowjob, being fingered for the first time, feeling a cock slip inside me the first time...all of it in dark corners, back seats of cars or hidden in the black night sky on a blanket...blood pumping, heart racing because I knew I was doing something that wouldn't be approved of...

The first time I kissed a woman it felt "secretive" like that. I remember finding out that my two best friends from highschool French kissed each other on a drunken dare one night. As I was told the story I could see something passionate in her eyes...but I didn't know then what it was. When their lips parted there was an unspoken promise and neither of them has ever mentioned it to the other again...that was 5 years ago.

My first kiss happened last summer. I was surprised at how soft her lips were. We were in a hottub...steam rising around us. My hand just naturally went to her breast and hers to mine...both our other hands wrapped around J-Man's cock. It was her first time too so in our inexperience there was a hint of innocence...a sweetness as J-man called it. He was stunned watching me kiss her, our tongues lightly playing, and then when her mouth moved down my throat to my breasts and she took my nipple in her mouth for the first time it was ecstasy...she knew exactly how to tease and suck and bite at it and I remember thinking that I wanted to taste her.

I didn't happen...when it came down to it I just wasn't ready for that, but as for the rest of it...I surprised myself. I loved kissing a woman. Why haven't I ever done it again?

ProtonicMan 49M

8/18/2005 6:20 pm

Well, if your mom isn't into sex, YOU sure are making up for it.

Wow! I loved your story about your first kiss. It will happen when you are ready.

Great post.

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