Buzz the Beaver  

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9/11/2005 9:28 pm

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Buzz the Beaver

Jman and I were having some wild "do it while you can" sex while one kid was napping and the other was playing outside. We were keeping it clean in a missionary position, with my little buzzy toy on high when BAM! The door slams open and we hear an "I NEED A DRINK!"

"Sippy cup in the fridge." we yell back.

Oh we get back to sex only this time I'm flat on my stomach with legs spread wide and Jman is doing me from behind. My buzzy toy is still on high and I can feel the orgasm coming..."HEY CAN JOE COME PLAY?"

No! we shout back.

"WHY NOT?" And we hear the footsteps headed our way...

"You have to stay outside for a little bit!" A little panicked by his close proximity we've got the down comforter pulled up and I'm hiding underneath.

Now I really need to orgasm...I've wanted it so bad for at least 10 minutes and the little interruptions kept stalling me out. The footsteps recede and I crawl on top of Jman and ride him...breasts bouncing, head thrown back, leaning back on his thighs and I can feel his balls against my ass. The buzzy toy is tucked under me and I can feel its vibrations as I rock back and forth. "WHEN ARE WE EATING DINNER?!"

The voice was so close I bolted down and Jman threw the covers on top all in one fluid motion. The buzzer was still on beneath me.

"Hey...we need a little, Uh...Nap time right now...stop bothering us and I'll be out in about 15 minutes!"

We giggled hysterically under the covers and I said, "I guess we chalk this one up to a good try?" "Hell NO" replied Jman...I know what the problems is!"

He jumped off the bed, disappeared for a minute and returned with a small round object in his hands. "Hand me your vib." he said. I tossed it to him, he replaced the battery and tossed it back to me. "Turn it on." he demanded.

I turned it on and it started buzzing at about 3 times the speed it had been earlier. I placed it strategically near my clit, Jman entered me and we f**ked with everything that was in us.

I came with a toe curling, back arching, pillow muffling scream and within seconds Jman poured a fountain of white cum onto my belly and breasts.

"Damn," he said, "All we needed was a damn battery for you to buzz that beaver."

rm_Techie321 45M

9/12/2005 8:02 am

Ahh, you're describing coitus interruptus, a natural hazzard that comes along with having children in the house! Mine are still young, but the oldest (2) is now in his big-boy bed, and knows now that he can get out at any time, and come down to our room. And he's so dang quiet about it sometimes too! More than once I've opened my eyes to have him about 6 inches from my face, saying "Daddy?"

So... I guess we have to start worrying about that kind of thing. Up until now all we've had to worry about is somebody starting to cry in the middle. That's all I need... to be in the middle of something fun only to hear "Daddy? Momma? What dat?"

ProtonicMan 49M

9/12/2005 8:08 pm

*NOTE TO SELF: Keep spare batteries in the nightstand...

I haven't had to worry about that kind of interruption for a while. Glad you were able to finish. Gotta love them pillow muffling screams!


cplhot4play 56M/56F

9/15/2005 12:56 pm

OMG!!!!!! Miss had me rolling on the floor laughing!!!! I could just hear you and see the looks on your faces with the last interruption. I guess only having pets and no kids has it's advantages in our household! LOL! I just have to deal with the discusting look on my dogs face, as if she is saying "Oh man! NOT again! Get it over with so I can crawl back beneath the covers!" LOL! I am so happy Jman had those new batteries for you though...<wink>.

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