Couple #4 - L&L  

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1/14/2006 10:36 pm

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Couple #4 - L&L

The same as always..
We meet on back and forth, then decide to call.
I speak with her first...
She sounds nice, down to earth.
She is curious, never been with a woman. He has done this before….but is some what willing to be a spectator for the first encounter....

For me, this is the first time I have been with a mixed race couple, and the thought is kind of arousing.
I am not going to be having sex with him, but I was still on very excited about the possibility.

We decide I am going to come to their place, and give her a massage. She has never had a massage before, but seems excited about the idea.

On a Friday evening I head over, and am greeted by a very very nice looking couple. She is petite and very cute. He is handsome, has a nice physique. He reminds me of Cuba Gooding Jr.

They are in the middle of a remodeling job, so she takes me through the house and is very excited about the work being done, though is concerned that the state of the house is not as she would want it to be. You can see that the place will be very nice once it is complete..

We eventually make our way to their bedroom, and get down to business.
She undresses, and he takes a seat near by.

I begin the massage, but she is a bit of a chatter box, and has a hard time settling down. We all laugh a bit, for he has told me that she goes 100 MPH all the time.
Despite it all, her body is not very tense. She has a great figure for the mother of 4, and some beautiful ink work, especially on her lower back.

The massage moves along, and I start to touch her in a gentler way, tracing my finger tips over her skin...she doesn’t seem effected. I massage her butt and inner legs...again bringing my touch to a very gently tracing of my fingertips...
Still, not much going on on her end..

I ask her to turn over, and begin to massage her chest and breasts. I am enjoying touching her, and her man has now moved I think he is liking it as well...

I am making my way down her body, but lean in and whisper to her, "You can ask me to stop at any time.." she nods OK..and I move on...
As my hands move to her lower body, I have to spread her legs apart...feeling that she is apprehensive about it, I spend a lot of time simply touching her..tracing my fingers over her legs and stomach...eventually, I being to lightly stroke her pubic hair..
She is laying very still, not making much I am at a loss as to what I should do...
I continue as I was...touching her outter lips a bit, and after wetting my finger, I run it over her slightly exposed clit...I like it..and I keep doing it...she is a little wet, but I need to lick my finger a few times to keep the lubrication...

I kiss her stomach, and then over her pubic area, and work my way down between her legs. I begin to lick her...slowly at first...gently.
I use my tongue and lips ...and her man is very intently watching.. he hands me some type of warming cream he has assured me makes her crazy. I apply some over her clit...and continue to lick..
After a bit, I come up for air, and ask if she wants me to keep going. She says "yes, it feels good....I am just very quiet". I agree,,she is very quiet,...too quiet...

Her man comes over and begins kissing her neck and chest..I go back to licking her, and fingering her. She still isn’t very wet….so I need to use saliva .. I do love doing this so I have no problem playing, it is just easier if the person you are licking and touching starts to moan or move her hips...something..
Her man brings me a vibrator and nods...he must know what to do, because I am at a loss...I have never used a toy on another woman, but once I turn it on and slowly insert it, she starts to come alive...I am probing it inside her as I lick her...she seems to enjoy this, however it is a very awkward position and difficult to do. I use the vibrator all around her clit, and she starts to move more, and moan a bit. Her man comes over and inserts a vibrator while I continue to stimulate her clit with the one I have….she is moving now…..and groaning more...I rub the vibrator over her pubic hair, right above the clitoral head. Most men have no idea how intense the sensation can be in this area. She most definitely likes it…so I keep going back to it…I kiss her a few time on her inner thighs...then I start to lick her again, while her man has the vibrator inside her....

It take a few minutes to get a rhythm….but once it starts, we are moving together and she starts to moan loudly...her hips are pushing hard against my mouth and tongue so I stay right with her as she begins to orgasm...
OO OOOO OOOO mmmmm mmmmm her body shudders...over and over...
As it ebbs, I stop licking and her boyfriend removes the vibrator he had inside her. I have the palm of my hand covering her entire vaginal area, and she is grinding against is as the last remaining shudders of her orgasm cone to the surface....

I remove my hand and she lays very still. No one says anything. I cover her with the towel we used for the massage, and her man is kneeling beside her, kissing her lightly. It is actually quite touching to see.

I gather my things quietly, and before I leave, I kiss her gently on the forehead and say thanks..

I let myself out, and drive home.

I am not sure in the end if it was what she had expected, but the fact that she came, and came pretty good, to me means it was at least a positive experience..

rm_leroy8182 59M/52F

1/22/2006 12:01 pm

It was a pleasure to meet you. I and we had a great time. thank u see u real soon liz.

PlumpPlaymate 51F

1/25/2006 7:35 pm

Thanks for the post!
I had a great time with you as well and hope we can do it again..and more...really soon

Fuzzy49 68M/57F

2/1/2006 9:50 am

I read all your massage stories. HOT, HOT, HOT. I would love to see you taking care of my wife, marie2246

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