Have You Ever Walked Into A Smile??  

PleasureMePlzzz 53F
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3/30/2006 10:01 pm

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4/23/2006 8:11 pm

Have You Ever Walked Into A Smile??

That's the first impression you get when you meet him. A smile that lights his eyes and you know he's trouble.
He greets you with a light laugh and pulls you in for a quick hug.. that ends before it begins. He guides you to the table.. keeping contact with you at all times. The constant awareness of him being with you... near you... wanting you.

Enjoying a meal together.. laughing at how funny life can be .. especially after a divorce. Gently, caressing his hand. Laughing at something he said about his family and feeling his leg brush softly against mine. Reaching across to just touch my lips with the tip of his finger... pulling it lightly. My mind is in overdrive .. trying to think of a way to prolong the meal but wanting to be alone with him .. all at the same time! Looking into his dark brown eyes and seeing that intense heat .. softened with a gentle smile. I wonder how those lips will taste? Feeling his hand reaching for mine.. turning it over and kissing my wrist .. thanking me for sharing such a nice meal. Paying for the meal and feeling his hand on the small of my back... small circles ... driving me crazy.

Walking hand in hand along the creek that winds softly by the park.

He gently takes me into his arms to kiss me. Wrapping me up in a blanket of calm .. feeling safe and cherished.
Do you know that feeling, where a man wraps his arms around you and you know he's a man? You are encompassed by his scent.... his strength and the world just seems to fade into the background. I love a man with the ability to do this!!
We slowly danced to the sound of the water... swaying softly against each other... alone in the darkness. He pauses for a moment and kisses me softly... a kiss that is more breath than pressure.. and pulls me back into his arms again. I could lay my head there against his chest forever... he smells of cool spices and warm male. With just a tilt of my head I can kiss the side of his neck.... licking softly at his sweet skin.

Then we walk hand in hand again.

We listen to the voices passing by overhead and talk softly about the places we'd like to explore together. Stopping me .. D leans me back against the winding fence and begins to kiss down my neck.. I can hear is breathing getting quick ... and his fingers are softly undoing the buttons of my shirt. As my shirt falls open and he release the catch on my bra.. I hear a soft moan escape his lips ... before he takes a nipple into his mouth. The air hitting my skin is so crisp and clean.. the feel of his hot mouth as it sucks and pulls my breast .. is making me pant softly. Slowly I slide my hands beneath his shirt.. feeling the smoothness of his stomach and the hair covering his chest. Dragging my nails softly across his nipples, I get his attention and he looks up into my eyes. There is nothing more beautiful than deep brown eyes that are filled with heat. Unbuttoning his shirt quickly .. I press myself into him.. craving the feeling of his skin against mine. Kissing deeply.. almost feeling as though you can't get enough of the other person's taste... licking... fingers wrapped in that dark black hair....

And then we hear the voices coming up the path behind us.. and we pull apart and close our shirts.
Then we begin walking up the path again... to the car .. a soft, passionate kiss goodnight .. and plans to meet again soon.

Funny how the simple things, like this, can please and satisfy ... or at least make it so much more exciting to find out what will happen next... a sensual man is beyond compare... whether in fantasy or real life!

Milfman17 56M

3/30/2006 11:20 pm

Sensual as ever my dear...simple pleasures explained with clarity and gracefulness. I yearn for such pleasures...MILFMAN

stevesuprises 56M
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4/23/2006 1:38 am

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Love, Steve..........

stevesuprises 56M
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4/23/2006 1:45 am

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